Holley ~ Pedigree Ambassador

I know that we have done reviews that involve our big moose AKA our chocolate lab Holley.  This time though I am proud to announce that Holley has been chosen to be a Pedigree ambassador so over the next few weeks you will hear a bit more about Holley.  Joining this program was not very hard for us to do because Holley was already a fan of Pedigree food although we had switched her to a different brand so that she and Whitley would eat the same food and we would not have to be worried about buying two different brands of food etc.

Switching her back to Pedigree was very simple.  It is suggested of course that you gradually switch your pets food in this manner day 1+2 insert 25% of the new food into the dog’s current dry dog food. For days 3+4, 50% new food should be in the dish. For days 5+6, 75% of the food will be the new Pedigree, and beyond 7 days the food will be 100% of the new Pedigree.  For us though the switch was much simpler, Holley opened the food bucket and fed herself out of it completely one day while we were not home and because we had no problem with her tummy we just went straight from one food to another with no gradual switch.

When I was first told we were to receive a six week supply of Pedigree Large Breed nutrition for dogs and then this big bag of food arrived in the mail my initial thought was that the bag would absolutely not last our dog 6 weeks she eats like a horse.  But then when I opened it and seen the size of the food pieces I realized that it would very likely indeed last the 6 weeks and so far so good, we are almost two weeks in and still have a whole lot of food left.

After feeding it to her for a few days and paying attention that she does not vomit of have loose stools I am confident that this food will work out very well for Holley and her digestive system.  Her coat is smooth and shiney and she is just an all around beautiful dog if I do say so myself.  My family has a lot of large dogs in it and I have already started to recommend the Pedigree large breed food to them for their pooches.

Make sure to follow pedigree on twitter @pedigreeUS and on facebook on their Pedigree Adoption Drive Facebook page.  Also I encourage you to join in on the Pedigree twitter party that is taking place on April 28 from 3-4 PM EST.  You will get the chance to win one of six $50 Amazon gift codes.  For more information on the twitter party head HERE.

I wrote this review while participating in an Ambassador campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Pedigree and received dog food to facilitate my reviews and a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.


  1. won says:

    Holley is beautiful!

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