Home from Key Lime Cove and asking for good thoughts

I am home from my trip, we had a very good time all in all except for some major navigational malfunctions on the way there.  I cannot wait to tell you all about it, I had intended on telling you about it tonight or at least starting but I just found out that my dad has to go in to have a procedure done tomorrow morning so my mind is swimming and with him right now.  But look out because tomorrow I am going to start hitting you with posts from Key Lime Cove (the most amazing hotel it was just AWESOME), Six Flags, the Chevy Equinox, Audiovox, Seabands, and Star Kids snack and play travel tray.  So lots to tell you about as well as some great new giveaways coming like Kangaroo bike seat, Mama Roo bouncy seat to name a couple plus I have three winners to draw tomorrow so it is going to be a busy few days on Jabbering Jessi so keep coming back I promise it is worth it.

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