Hope your Holidays were Great

Hello all I hope that you all had a fabulous Christmas and New Years.  Ours was super busy but very great, the kids were spoiled we got a lot of great time with our families this year and managed to make Christmas not so out of control that I was a mess during the entire time.

I have a bunch of stuff I want to share with you about my holidays and some pictures etc so whats say we dig in?

First of all Santa was very good to the kids this year, they were spoiled rotten but each loved all of the gifts they received.  My kids know that it is not about what you receive but the spirit and magic of the year.  We are not religious so we do not focus Christmas on the birth of baby Jesus but we also do not focus it on gifts, it is about friends and family and the togetherness of the season.

Our week leading up to Christmas was extremely busy so I know that I started the lack of posts about then.  On Dec 20th was Blakes birthday and then on the 23rd it was Lee’s aunts birthday.  For both of those occasions we all got together as a family including grandparents, aunts and uncles and we had cake and ice cream.  Then on the 24th we went to my dads house and had a delicious dinner courtesy of my step mother and step brother who are both AWESOME!!! cooks.  We then exchanged our gifts with them to make Christmas morning a little less hectic.  Lee received some tools, the older boys got some Wii games, Nerf dart tag amongst other stuff, Maddy got some little girl cooking supplies including the cutest set of pink pots and some very adorable and very real looking kitchen tools in little girl size.  I got a great little recipe card holder for on my counter and a card from them.  In the card it was the promise of a pasta roller for my Kitchen aid stand mixer because unfortunately I made the request for it too late and no one had them in stock come Christmas.  I did not end up getting this but will explain that later probably in another post since this one is getting very long.

After dinner and gifts we went home with the kids so that they could open up their Christmas Eve gifts for us and we could do our family thing at home before heading to bed to wait for Santa.  Every Christmas eve we do the same thing with the kids, they open a few gifts, we watch a movie and have some snacks and then it is time for bed.  The kids each got a pair of Paul Frank pajamas which they all look adorable in, they also got some popcorn and the older three received personalized mugs while Holden got a new sippy cup.  We sat down and watched Santa paws ate our goodies and enjoyed our family time.  When it was over we put out cookies and egg nog for Santa and carrots for the reindeer then headed off to bed.

Christmas morning we woke up at 7:30 and discovered that Santa had wrapped our living room again this year.  So the kids opened the living room and burst in.  They were so excited over all the stuff under the tree and around the living room it was awesome.  We spent about an hour opening up presents which I unfortunately did not get many pictures of.  We used to spend all our time taking pictures but then we were feeling like we were missing it all because it was all through the lens of a camera.  This year we decided not to do this so there are only a few pictures.

Entrance into my living room

Christmas presents

After we opened our gifts my in laws came over and we had breakfast and opened our gifts from them.  My wonderful mother in law bought me four brand new cookie sheets, I cannot wait to use them and neither can my family who are all anxiously awaiting goodies.  After they left we got ready and headed up to my dads again, Santa had stopped there and so we needed to go and open the gifts he left there for the kids.  Then we headed out to Lee’s family to spend some time with his grandmother and aunts, uncles and cousins before we came back home to cook Christmas dinner for my parents, siblings and grandmother.

For Christmas my parents bought me the most beautiful clock, I absolutely love it although I laugh because every time it goes off Holden stands there looking at it funny lol.

The Tuesday after Christmas we had a kids Christmas thing with my aunt and then on Thursday she did a family supper since she was out of town for Christmas, then on Friday we went to Lee’s Uncles house to celebrate his birthday with a buffet dinner.

So as you can see our Holidays were insanely busy but we do this every year, we love it and would not have it any other way.

On Dec 26th I took my Christmas tree down and Maddy keeps asking to bring her tree back home she is sad it is gone, I am OK with not cleaning anymore pine needles haha.

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