Hormel Chili and Dainty Moore – As American as apple pie

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The summer is fast approaching so it is time for me to stock up on all those emergency guest staples, you know the ones when your friends and family just randomly stop by and you want to have something to serve them.  That is the time when I like to have a can of hormel Chili in my cupboard and a block of cheese in my fridge at all times.  Then I just have to send Lee to the store for a baguette, crackers or chips and viola I melt the cheese, mix in the chili and 5 minutes later I have an instant snack to serve our guests. 

This is something I had been doing for a while but never did I think to go onto the Hormel Foods website and check out the other recipe ideas that they had but I just spent the last hour bookmarking ideas for my family to try with our meals as well as to serve to our guests.  But I would love to hear from you, what is your favorite way to serve Hormel Chili or Dainty Moore products?  I need some new meal ideas and I think that you could help me find some.  Feel free to head on over the the recipe page on the Hormel website and tell me some of your favorite recipes you spy there.  Also please feel free to tweet the following out for all the learn about Hormel 

Happy 75th anniversary! Hormel chili and Dinty Moore! What began with 1 product each has evolved into 20 varieties today www.hormelfoods.com

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