Horses er I mean big dogs

Cat over at Three Kids and Us posted about their 5 month old 40 lb yellow lab, she is simply gorgeous and you can see the post with pics here, while your there check out all the other posts and stuff Cat has going on, I love her blog and Cat is an awesome source of advice.

I put up a response and she asked to see pics of our 3.5 month old 30 lb Chocolate lab so I thought I would put up a post with some pics.

When we got her at 6 weeks old

This was taken last week
Apparently she believes dogs should swing too
Holley is the new light of our life, she loves to go to camp and swing, she is very protective and we have to watch out when Holden is on the floor because Holley does not realize her size and will sit on him.  Maddisyn gets frustrated with Holley and yells at her alot but Holley chews Maddisyns pacifiers so i would be mad too lol.  Now the older two boys and Holley are hilarious.  Holley sleeps in a cage at night still, this just works best for us, when she gets up she goes outside, has some breakfast then it is time for the boys to get up.  So she runs upstairs to their room and JUMPS directly on them and licks them and barks til they wake up.  Once awake that is not enough though they need to be up out of bed and if they even try to talk to her she jumps on them again and barks more til they get up it is awesome, no more mom having to yell at them to get up she does a good job for me.

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