Housewares + Hoover = Love

So as I have been posting about Hoover sent me to the Housewares show in Chicago this past Sunday/Monday.  What an amazing trip and I got to see what I can only describe to be moms new best friend.  I am in total love with the Hoove Floormate, what mom wouldn’t be.  It vacuums, washes and drys the floor and oh my lord I totally need one NOW.  My backyard is muddy and the kids keep tracking mud all through my house, I have been on my hands and knees FIVE times since I got home from Chicago two days ago.  This puppy also will suck up spills, applesauce, yogurt and even vomit. 

Jen demonstrating the Floormate sucking up gatorade

I also learned about the Windtunnel but we have one so I am pretty pro at that one.  One other thing we saw that I fell in love with thoughis the Linx which is a little cordless stick vac.  It runs on a lithium Ion battery so it either works or it doesn’t (my kids will never charge it so they will never have to vacuum, good thing we have the wind tunnel).

I am rambling I am going to put this up but have so much more to post but I really wanted to get this information out to you ASAP.  My brain is still swimming from the weekend and I know I have so much more to say but none of it will make sense lol.  Tomorow I plan on sitting and writing a full out post about everything for you so look for that from me.


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