How do you blog about something

That you cannot even use? Ok don't get me wrong I know that this is a competitive thing and such but it really irks me when bloggers have stuff on their blogs that they obviously could not have fully tested. Sure you could tell me how cute it is, so can a picture on a site, you can tell me how soft YOU think it is but i want to know if it holds up to blowout diapers and babyfood. Strollers, playpens, cribs, bouncy seats, baby carriers and all those things. How can you even come close to wrtin a proper review of it when you cannot test it to the extent and put it through all the rigors that a person with a child using it would put it through. How are we to know if the seat is too narrow or is perfectly wide, canopies cover enough, my two year old can sleep comfortably in the playpen, my infant will like the carrier if you have not used it yourself. I have been working my butt off to be a proper mom blogger and turning down ops for products I think that would just not work for our family and it kills me to see people with 9, 10, 11, 12 etc year olds reviewing a double stroller. I have been trying for quite some time to actually get a good double stroller for review here on jabbering jessi but I cannot get any of the companies to work with me, I thought for a brief send MacLaren wanted us but they wanted us to review a couple of their adorable stuffed toys instead which I am happy to do but sad at the same time that I am unable to review a double stroller again. I approached bumbleride and three seperate times over the last year have been told I am on the list or to contact later and still nothing, I cannot even get them to tell me what they look for in a blogger so I can figure out how to be what they need. I thought again we were going to work with country moose kids but she has not responded to me in like 2 months so i guess that is a no-go. Behind the scenes it sucks being a blogger and turned down so much, but I am still working hard to brng a double stroller review to my blog becase I feel it would fit and I would actually be able to do an accurate review and since my readers are almost all moms looking for opinions on things it would certainly help them.


  1. Rachel D. says:

    I’m glad someone has spoken up! It also irks me when I see other bloggers review products I know they can’t honestly review! I have turned down things that I feel I can’t honestly review because of my son’s age and then there are some things I really want to review because I know I could use it in the future, but I since I can’t honestly review it, I turn it down. Thanks for speaking up!
    Have you tried contacting Kolcraft for a double stroller? I have worked with them before…not for a double stroller, but for a smaller product…but they were great to work with.
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    • Jessi says:

      I actually have worked with Kolcraft on a single stroller before, and I am currently working on them with a jeep umbrella stroller and a playyard for my mini-cation event. I was going to do a double with them but thought they woudl be a great addition to my event instead. Here is hoping I hear back from another company sooner or later and I get to review one 🙂

  2. Julie Cutshaw says:

    I wish you luck, I appreciate the fact that you are an honest blog site owner, I know nothing about that aspect of blogging, I like to read subscribe to them & someday may do that but for now enjoy the other side of it. I honestly think blogs are just like people in that the blog its self is the personality of the person behind it and like people you have the honest, fair hard working ones and then just the oppisite of that. I know nothing about how the blog review & sponsor part of it works but it would seem to me that if the blog owner reviews something and given that item for free it should be with actual testing or your not really giving the potential buyer the correct info and I saw a blog one that does nothing but cloth diapers of all brands to review actually post that she wants to sell those to her readers which I do not understand because if she was given the opportunity to have them free to test inorder to giveaway or advertize for a sponser and some cloth diapers are very costly at $25 or less each in cost then why should she profit from that when she was able to save money by recieving them free to begin with and what would her cloth diaper spomsers say or feel about that. I feel if I ever were to venture to the other side of bloggoing and review.test items for sponsers it should be done with the intentions they exspected me too for the consumer to know & get other wize whats the point.

  3. hollowsins says:

    I know I am semi new to all this having only been blogging a few months,but how do they even get those products to review? I have applied for a couple of things for my nephew who was staying with me and is soon to be living with me for awhile .I got turned down for most of them because he was not my child ,even though I am providing most of the care for him.I do not see how someone without a baby can get baby items over someone who can test them be it on my own child or a relative.I would think a proper test would be the better choice too.Weird huh! Good luck in finding your stroller to review at any rate and have a great day!
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  4. Andrea H says:

    I have often wondered the same thing. My children are older so I always turn down baby items because I can’t honestly review them.

    Just be patient, your time will come!

  5. Molomatic says:

    Sure sounds like you’d be the perfect blogger to test out a double stroller. I hope one of the companies figures that out soon!

    I’m still pretty new to this blogging/reviewing world and appreciate your honesty. It’s good to have role models out there. I’m trying to get reviews for all sorts of things to get myself off the ground. I did turn down a baby item though since my daughter is 4. It’s good to have a reminder about making sure reviews are the right fit. 🙂

    Keep up the good blogging.
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  6. Ellen Brower says:

    I totally agree! I am working on getting my blog to having reviews and giveaways and would love to do some of the ones I see on other bloggers sites. There are quite a bit that you know they couldn’t have used the product. I have tried to enter all the stroller giveaways that I can for my step-daughter but in no way would I ever try to do a review for one. I wouldn’t be able to give it the proper review that it needs. Good luck! I hope it works out that you find a sponsor.
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  7. Wanda says:

    A reader’s perspective, if I may: I’m retired, don’t have a lot of $, and I do enter your giveaways for things my family and/or I can really use. I’d never bother to try to win an inferior product and I read your blogs as a consumer looking for objective information, but I’m beginning to understand that many blog “reviews” are only ads or product promotions designed to please a sponsor. There’s nothing objective about them. And these bloggers simply are performing for free a service that otherwise the sponsors would have to pay HUGE promo bucks to secure.

    I have been lucky enough to win quite a few giveaways and most of the products turn out to be terrific. But not all do, and two I’ve received in recent months simply should NOT have received good reviews, but they did. Both are clothing, and both are very poorly constructed out of cheap materials and are not sized at all properly. I’m afraid to wash them because I honestly don’t know that they’d withstand one machine washing. They are useless as prizes or as purchases and I wish the blog reviews had simply told the truth. I wouldn’t have entered.

    The bloggers either never saw/used these items, or they exaggerated their virtues to the point where their “reviews” were meaningless. It’s nothing to me – I did not pay a cent – but what about the other readers who believe the rave reviews and spend good money on junk?

    Bloggers have to decide who is their audience, who is their constituency. If it’s your readers, do honest consumer reviews for them. If it’s your sponsors, put “ADVERTISEMENT” at the top of your page, write a great ad, and charge big bucks for it. Trying to have it both ways just isn’t working well.

    I’d like to commend one blogger/reviewer in particular for doing an outstanding job as an objective reviewer: Zipporah from Champagne Living/Review Broads. One can believe what she writes. I’m sure there are others as well. Her reviews are helpful because they are honest, and she is not beholden to anyone. She makes a great role model and I hope more will follow her path.

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