How we decided on our baby name



After four other kids naming our daughter proved to be quite the challenge.  We had some very strict rules on naming our kids from the very first one on.  Rule number 1 was that the first name could not be the same name as any friends, family, acquaintances, pets or super popular names like Bella, Renesmee or any other movie character that was popular.  Rule number 2 was that the kids couldn’t share the same first initial, I have no problem with that if they all share but I was weird and didn’t want just 2 out of 5 to have the same initial.  Rule 3 is that names are not even discussed until we found out the gender at our 20 week scan that way we don’t fight over names for both boy and girl but just the one gender.  

So we got out the baby book and started by eliminating any B, C, M, H names which cut down the list considerably.  Then we got down to business on choosing a name which is quite the challenge.  I fell in love with the names Teagan and Prue but Lee vetoed them both, he didn’t like Teagan because it sounded like an exotic dancers name to him and Prue because his bosses last name is very similar to that.  So it left me at ground zero again and no idea where to go from there, finally after lots of looking online and just not knowing he came to me with the name Kenzie and brought the name Kinley to the table.  Kenzie was a contender until we realized she would go through life with people asking Kenzie as in Makenzie?  This was something we didn’t want to saddle ourselves or our precious baby girl to so we crossed it off the list.  Kinley took a bit to grow on Lee but he eventually loved it as much as I do and when I look at her I think that we for sure picked the right name and it can be a strong professional name for when she is Prime Minister!!  Kinley is not a name found in a baby name book or even on a baby name site, I actually have no idea where I came up with it but I can honestly say I have never heard of another Kinley so it is for sure a very unique name.

Kinley did not have a middle name until after she was born, we had a very good idea of what her names would be but we kept them a secret until she arrived and then we gave her the middle names that we wanted her to carry through life.  All of our kids have many middle names Chase has 3, Blake has 2, Maddisyn has 3, Holden has 2 and Kinley has 3.  She has been named after three very strong women who will help to influence her and shape her into a strong grown woman herself, her three grandmothers.

Now that we had a name and finally have the baby I couldn’t wait to share her name with all of our friends and family.  Thanks to I was able to create the most adorable birth announcements to send out announcing her arrival and sharing a picture of her.   


It wasn’t easy, but that is how I decided on my baby’s name. How did you decide on your baby’s name? Or do you have a great story on how your parents decided on your name? Tell me for a chance to win a year’s supply of cards from! 

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