I am a Hoover Insider again WOOT WOOT

I love Hoover and have been working with them for the last three years, spending two of those years being a Hoover Insider.  As a Hoover Insider i was one of the chosen to attend the International Housewares Show a couple of weeks ago.

I love all of the people behind the Hoover brand from the PR team to the folks working directly out of  TTI Floorcare.  I have met with them multiple times in the past and they are just as warm and friendly each time.

Being a Hoover insider I do spend a lot of time researching my Hoover products and just as much drooling over because Hoover has helped me keep my house clean for so long.

Last year I learned about some awesome products but through the year I did not get a chance to test them out.  Now let me share them with you again and then tell you that I have my fingers crossed we will be sharing these with you all this year.

First and my favorite of all is the Twin Tank Canister Steam mop.  This Steam mop allows you to use a cleaner made by Hoover or just water to clean, it comes with attachments to clean grout etc. which is very cool.  I saw this in action and the Twin Tank Steam Mop cleaned crayon off of the wood floor setup as a display in the Hoover booth which I know means it will clean my floors beautifully and there will be no dragging out of the mop and bucket for me anymore.  The Steam Mops are good for cleaning of all hard floors including laminate, tile, hardwood, engineered hardwood, vinyl, and sealed stone.

Twin Tank Canister Steam Mop

Product number 2 that has me excited is the Hoover WindTunnel Air vacuum.  It is small, the brushes can be turned off so I can use it on my hard floors as a quick cleanup option and this things suction is so amazing I watched them actually stick it to a wall and let it go and just let it hang there.  If it can do that can you just imagine what it could do to your floors 🙂  I am imaging a really clean floor in my future.

The last one that I am excited for and cannot wait is actually a step up from a review I have already done.  I had very bad luck with my carpet cleaners and mine stopped working on me, I brought this to the attention of the awesome Hoover people and was told that I would be getting a replacement but this time I would get the Hoover MaxExtract 77.  It is quite a bit different then the MaxExtract I reviewed before so I will be doing a review of this one as well.

The MaxExtract 77 does hard floors as well as carpet cleaning which is exciting for me.  It also has the ability to wash the floors and rinse them all at once so I don’t have to go over my carpets twice to ensure they are cleaned.  It comes with a Spin Scrub hand tool that will be PERFECT for cleaning stairs, or in my case the carpets in my van.

I do have so much more to say but I will wait until the actual product reviews to share EVERYTHING otherwise this could be the post that never ends haha.

Hoover paid for my airfare, transportation and hotel to Chicago to attend the Housewares show.  I did not receive any other compensation in exchange for this posting.


  1. Betty Baez says:

    Very neat! That steam mop looks awesome I may have to replace mine

  2. Lanie Barn says:

    9/22/2016 at 19:21:43 Regards from danglekatangul

  3. I generally agree with your opinion on this subject and look forward to new posts and comments here at jabberingjessi.com. Thanks!

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