I am still here…just a bit dormant for the next few days

I know I have been dormant and not really posting lately and that is going to continue through this week as I take this week off and spend it with my family enjoying this holiday season.  I have a few sponsored posts to get up but no reviews going up for this week my family has asked me to take time off and I have agreed to give them my undivided attention (when they are not at school/work/napping).

Tomorrow my second born, Blake, turns 10 and I cannot believe it where has the time gone, honestly it seems like yesterday I brought my roly poly boy home from the hospital and now he is my skinny minny 10 year old.  We are making him a cake with my new Cricut mini cake machine and I will share those with you in a separate post.

I do miss you all and miss all your comments please continue to come back and know that I am not giving up the blog just taking a Christmas break.

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