I am Trying

I am spiraling deep into burnout.  Not so much blogger burnout just burnout in general, I am trying to get a bunch of reviews posted here, I am trying to keep up on my home, keep my kids happy and entertained, plan for christmas, Blakes birthday is Sunday, working on a friends vehicle (well lee is I am just keeping him company), cooking for my family, christmas baking, christmas shopping and parties and present wrapping and on and on and on, I know that was a run on but you know what it seems so is my life these days and it is fitting.

I am doing my best to get prizes already won out before the holidays but I do not control companies speed so please don’t email me 12 times a day asking where your prize is or threatening to email the companies customer service 1. it will not make me move any quicker and 2. 9 times out of 10 I am dealing with a representing PR firm and not the company directly so customer service will have no idea what your talking about.

I will still continue drudging on as usual trying to get my posts done as well but will likely be posting in spurts over the next few days and will not be posting much if anything at all from christmas eve through to Dec 27th because we are that busy those four days.

I really am trying though and do appreciate all your patience.

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