I Have All New Appliances

Well we did it, we finally upgraded all of our kitchen appliances, some by choice others by force lol. It is like our appliances staged a hostile takeover of our bank account this past week.

Last year (2010) in like July or August we bought ourselves a new fridge because the one we had came with our house we bought in May of 2009 and was ancient and kept freezing stuff like my macaroni salads and our lemon juice etc.  So we decided it was time to upgrade.  I did not want white, was not sure I wanted black and so we went with a combination of silver mist and stainless in the kitchen.  I love my new fridge.

Last year for my birthday Lee bought me a dishwasher and while I loved not having to do dishes by hand I hated that it was white after we bought our stove.  So we decided to take advantage of an after christmas sale and pick up a dishwasher that was on sale 300 less then the tag price.  We bought that on Sunday (Jan 2) and Lee installed it right away for me.  It is beautiful and so much more quiet then my old one, I think it is the whisper quiet technology or whatever they call it.  I love it has touch buttons, so does Holden and if we forget to lock them then he changes the cycle and turns on heat and does all sorts of fun stuff.

We had Christmas dinner here at our house and our turkey dripped over and caused my stove to start acting up and doing all sorts of stupid stuff like tripping our breaker and the whole thing getting hot when I was cooking on one element.  It was a nightmare, it was also 16 years old (my mother in law owned it before us and bought it new).  So again we went in search of a new stove, Lee went and found one on sale for an amazing price that matches exactly what I wanted so we bought it. I love it, when I open the oven door the light comes on automatically, the burners glow a very cool red when they are on, it tells me when the surface of the stove is hot with a light on it.  When I preheat the oven a beeper sounds to let me know it is ready, and I will be able to use a real functioning timer that will beep loud enough that I can hear and know my stuff is ready so it does not burn woot woot.

About 20 minutes after we bought my beautiful new stove my microwave died.  Yup thats right, not to be outdone by all new appliances the microwave which was only two years old decided it needed to be replaced too.  How did I find out it died you ask, well I put Holdens bottle in to warm it up for his nap, I know he still gets warm bottles at nap/bed or he won’t sleep.  It took 2 minutes to just take the chill off the bottle nevermind actually warming it up, so I knew that I needed a new microwave.

Now in the Christmas post I wrote I told you about how my dad and step mom were buying me the pasta roller attachment for the Kitchen Aid mixer, yeah well that has been on backorder and as much as I would have loved that I called my dad and told him I changed my mind and would love a new microwave for Christmas and this is the beautiful one he bought me.

So there you have it I have a fully upgraded kitchen appliances wise.  Now we are going to take down all the yucky back splash board and replace it with some nice tile just behind the sink/cupboard area, paint the walls a different color, and hopefully do the kitchen counter tops with Granite paint, lay new floors and my kitchen will be brand spanking new I cannot wait.


  1. Lucky you! I love new appliances!

  2. Lauralee Hensley says:

    Very nice. That’s kind of what happened to us a few years back, they all started dying at the same time. Well within a years period that is.

  3. I know stainless steel is all the rage, but don’t you have issues with fingerprints getting all over the shiny new appliances? That’s what keeps me away.

    • Jessi says:

      Actually we went with Silver Mist instead of stainless and it is less fingerprinty so we have no problems with it. I was anti stainless until I found this.

    • Jessi says:

      Actually we went with Silver Mist instead of stainless and it is less fingerprinty so we have no problems with it. I was anti stainless until I found this.

  4. Duy Pham says:

    I agree going with silver over white. White seems hard to make it clean all the time. Great choice.

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