I miss my china cabinet

When I made the decision to get new dining furniture I also made the decision to sell my old set, which included my china cabinet.  I was able to store family treasures in the glass part on the top but then I had a solid cabinet on the bottom that allowed me to store stuff like kids arts and crafts stuff, dishes that are not used everyday and other stuff such as this.  Now without it all my stuff is homeless, I think I need to get a new cabinet of some sort.

Check out this beautiful buffet table, it matches the color in my dining set perfectly and they style would be fabulous for in my dining room.  I know that it does not have the glass in the top of it but the sideboard is a great start, I can get a curio cabinet for all of our family heirlooms.
If not that one then perhaps something a little more antiquey looking but not necessarily an antique. I love that they both have a spot to store wine, yesterday was Lee and my 8th anniversary, we still have some of the bottles of wine we made for that special occasion.  I would love to be able to display them in such a fabulous way for all our friends and family to see.

The black in these Antique side boards would go good with the furniture and the top would match great so again it would look awesome in my house.  I have showed these to Lee and we are discussing getting one for each other for Christmas perhaps.

I disclose


  1. Donna B. says:

    I like the first one best 🙂

  2. karenM says:

    I would be sad if I had to part with my china cabinet.. I never had one that was passed down..I found an old antique cabinet at a garage sale when we got married.. I love it.
    I like the top photo!

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