I thought Christmas was busy

I was sitting down last night with Lee and filling out a brand new planner he bought me to try to keep my personal stuff organized since my blog took over my other organizer, while filling it out I realized we have 5 birthdays/anniversaries in March, 3 in April, 2 in May as well as mothers day, 4 in June as well as fathers day and the list goes on.  What do all these birthdays and anniversaries mean?  Well my waistline is going to expand from all the cake haha but on top of that my wallet is going to empty with all the gifts we will buy to mark all these dates.

I love my family so buying them stuff is not a big deal to us honestly, finding something to buy for them is the problem.  Solar powered things for the garden and outdoors is a big thing for us and they are so pretty who wouldn’t love them, but you can only have so many butterflies, ladybugs, turtles and squirrels lighting up your backyard haha.  Some housewares products I have found super interesting or helpful in my life I am excited to pass it on as a gift and they are happy to receive them.  Slippers or socks are a big hit but I know that one person only needs so many of those and they are mostly gifted at Christmas time for our family.

As a matter of fact as soon as Lee gets home I am headed out to go shopping and see if I cannot find something for my mother in laws birthday which is in a couple of weeks.  I like to hit the stores early because more often then not I see something I like but am not sure I like it for her so I come home, research it and take the time to make sure it is something that would work for her or maybe buy it online or find something different online that I want to buy more, I love buying some of the As Seen On TV things I think some are the best ideas ever like the brownie pan, slap chop, burger press or scrap trap.  For my As Seen On Tv items I like to shop at Taylor Gifts they have a very large selection of them and all priced reasonably.  I am not a very good decision maker sometimes but that is ok but I am an awesome gift giver.


  1. Lucy says:

    Good luck with this. I always struggle buying for my MIL. I did get her a Slanket from QVC this year. There is one sold on As Seen but the Slanket is the original and the owner is super nice. The Slanket is better quality too.

    May-June is our crazy month. There are over 7 birthdays and your right I need to watch all the eatng I do at the parties this year.

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