In the market for a computer desk?

I unfortunatly am not looking for a computer desk due to lack of space.  I wish I could have one though because I sometimes find I am much more motivated to work if I am at a desk as opposed to sitting on my couch.  I sometimes look around and see if I can find a very small desk that will work in my space but so far all computer desks I have found are too big for me.

But while I was looking I did come across this awesome site with some pretty nice computer desks.  Once my kids are grown and gone and I can get an office I will be for sure finding a nice big desk to make up for the space I don’t have.  I really like the idea of the computer Armoires, lots of space to hold all my stuff but doors to close up the mess if I just don’t want to look at it.  I also hope to have grand kids so this would be a good solution to keeping them out of my stuff when they are over to visit me.  Check out this one, I love the way it looks and you can even get a file cabinet that matches, third picture, so that I can store all my files and have matching office furniture.

I also love the look of the antique style computer Armoires, my house is older with very dark doors and trim so an antique one would look great in here.

Oh how I dream of having my own space to blog in, store all my blog review items in and be able to declutter and take my bedroom closet back.  Only a few more years and Chase will be 18, I don’t know if he will be the first to leave home but when the first kid does the upstairs room will be all mine with a few adjustments to their current living arrangements.

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  1. Donna B. says:

    I like the Armoire styles best too – I love the idea of just packing it all up, closing the doors and hiding all the clutter.

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