In the market for a new dining table?

Are you in the market for new kitchen tables?  As I have said in the past I just bought a new dining set, but if I can help just one person not go through the horrific hunt I did then this post will be beyond worth it. has some really gorgeous tables that I want you all to check out, especially if you are in the market for a new table.  When I was looking I knew a rough idea of what I wanted but actually finding what we wanted to buy and being satisfied with our selection turned out to be a harder thing then we thought it would be.  We found some really cute Pedestal dinette sets but they were not what we were looking for as we were looking for the bar height set and they simply would not do for our family.

In this house though when we moved in there was a formal dining room and then a smaller eating area in the kitchen that a pedestal Style dining table would fit perfectly into.  Unfortunately the smaller eating area was made into a bedroom for Maddisyn and then once he got older we moved Holden into that room and Maddy into his room.  Which means I lost my eat in are and was forced into the formal dining room for all meals.  Once they get older and the space gets more around here with the older kids flying the nest then there is a good chance we will convert that room back and pick up a small table for when it is just Lee and I or even when the younger two are home, right now our set needs to fit all 6 of us and my almost live in sister but in the future I foresee this set being too large for us all and just using a smaller table for our meals.

So if you are in the market for a table big or small I suggest you try first and foremost, shop in one place and save yourself some stress, gas and tired legs trying to find that perfect set for your family.

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  1. Donna B. says:

    I don’t need a new table but I do need a couple of chairs and those are pretty close to what I already own – I’ll have to check out the site. Thanks for sharing it.

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