Inthinc Driver Safety

Have you ever heard of Inthinc?  I had not up until very recently and after spending quite a bit of time searching around the Inthinc website I have to say I am quite impressed.  Inthinc was born in 1997 and is focused on finding ways to positively impact driver behaviour.

It helps to provide safety solutions no matter who you are or what industry you are in.  They have solutions for fleets, businesses, families and even motorsports.  Since I am a mom my natural draw was to the families section of the website to read about how Inthinic driver safety is implemented for them.  I have a few years until I have to worry about my own kids driving but my kid sister is getting her license soon and I just worry so much about her driving.  Inthinc has this awesome thing called tiwi which monitors your child’s seat belt wearing, driving habits and even speeding in real time, you can view all the results on the web.  I will be investing in this for our own vehicles when my kids start driving, I feel it will be a very good way to ensure they are safe.

Not a family no worries there is other ways Inthinc can help you to ensure that your drivers are safe at all times.  For fleets you can see how your drivers measure up to CSA 2010.  CSA stands for Compliance, Safety, Accountability and is a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) safety program to improve large truck and bus safety.  They help to reduce crashes, injuries and fatality by focusing on seven basic behaviors which lead up to the crash.

New driver, old driver, family, fleet or anything in between I highly recommend you check out Inthinc and what they have to offer to keep you and those around you safe.

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