ISI Easy Whip Review

Through the summer we tend to have Barbecue’s, Picnics and get togethers where we almost always prepare some kind of Dessert or even just friends over for coffee etc. We generally buy whipped cream or cool whip but it just costs so much to buy it in a can and the tubs never look as dice when plopped with a spoon on top of something.
that’s where this item comes in great.

I received the ISI Easy Whip Cream Whipper for review, and it is fantastic. not only can i control the sweetness using syrups and simple sugars (water and sugar boiled to dissolve the sugar granules) but I can even color it etc. just simply add whipping cream or half and half securely screw on the lid use one of the NO2 cartridges to charge it give it a shake and away you go. Great on desserts, with fruit, anywhere you would use cool whip as a topping. You can even use it sweetened or unsweetened to add flare to coffee, hot chocolate espresso, cappuccino, ANYTHING! You can even use your fave flavor of coffee creamer for that little extra.

As easy as it is to use it’s even easier to clean. There’s very few parts to it so disassemble and cleaning is incredibly easy,
Just simply hold the button until the dispenser is completely empty and unscrew the lid. remove the gasket from the lid, rinse out the valve on both sides with warm water. Then wash the components with regular soap and water, clean small parts using the supplied cleaning brush.

Just be sure to hold the can upside down not sideways when you are dispensing, Lee made that mistake then spent the next few minutes washing down the table wall and fish tank haha.

Thank you to ISI for this great product to review.
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    This is for me!

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