It’s been a long week – pregnancy update

I want to apologize for not really posting much in the last week.  It has been an extremely long week emotionally for me and I have been on a terrible roller coaster.

I am now 36 weeks 1 day along and so excited to be meeting our baby girl Kinley very soon.  What I was not expecting was at my last doctors appointment to discover that she was still a breech baby.  Now right now I want to stop and say that I am aware there are things we can do to attempt to turn her.  We did try the light, music, hot and cold.  Beyond that the laying on an ironing board, laying with my feet up on the wall and all the other ideas you may have are not something that we can do because I have SPD which is a condition that causes my lower back and my pelvic to really hurt due to over softening.  This leaves me in extreme pain with normal activities so the flipping ones make it worse.

We are also of firm belief that she is stuck in the spot she is in and that is why she will not turn since the movements are the same and the doctor finds her head in the same spot everytime, just up below my ribs on the right hand side.

So here we are baby #5 and we are going to be going to have a c-section.  I have asked my doctor to do it asap because I would like some time to heal from the surgery before all of my children are home from school full time and demanding my attention.  Also during the surgery I will be having my tubes tied.  We have decided that 5 kids is enough for us and we are a full house now and quite happy with our number.

I have a doctors appointment in just over 2 hours and will find out more about the position of Kinley and the date of my c-section.  I will update this post when I know anything.  In the meantime please bear with me and don’t stop reading here I will post when I can but for the most part I am going to be sporadically posting until she is born and I have healed a bit.


  1. Addison Kat says:

    Oh no, kids can be stubborn sometimes! Wishing you luck on your c-section and recovery!

  2. I’m sure you’ve heard of everything but is your doctor able to do a version on you to turn Kinley? I hope your doctor gets your c-section scheduled quickly so it’s more convenient for you!

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