I am a comparison shopper, I always have been if I can save some money then I am all over it. I would rather not drive from store to store though because in the long run the price of fuel outweighs the deal I received from driving all over. With you can get some hot deals and bargains from the comfort of your own home.

I recently wrote to you about my stroller loss and thought oh perfect I can check out the stroller options on since I need a new one anyhow.  So I searched Graco Stroller and it popped up a whole bunch of results.  The best part is that it told me specifically what store each stroller was sold at and if it was available in more then one store then I was able to compare the prices, check out coupons and deals and do all my comparisons in one place. does more then just comparisons though, they have a community where you can go and interact with people.  They also have sections for hot deals and coupons.  I am starting to become more and more of a coupon shopper so this is particularly awesome to me.  Perfect example is I just went to pull out all our summer clothes for the kids and discovered that Maddisyn has no summer clothes left from last year that I think will fit her this year because she went from 24 months last year to a 3 this year, way to grow baby girl lol.  So that left me looking for clothes for her which I normally love to do but all the cute clothes I have to order online because I can’t really find anything local.

So in light of my recent discovery of the need to shop I spent some time on checking out any deals/coupons I can get because when buying for four kids it tends to be expensive.  I found one clothing store that has some pretty cute clothes but the are a bit too big for Maddisyn which bums me out because of how cute they are.  I am glad I found it though because I have a 12 year old god daughter and buying birthday gifts for her is hard sometimes when you have no idea what to get, now that I can shop with awesome coupons for Justice: Just for Girls I know I will be the coolest “aunt” ever lol. very quickly made it’s way into my favorites bar and I will be using it to do a lot more comparison shopping as well as getting more deals and coupons before I make my way shopping whether it be online or in store.

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