Kaplan Tutoring – Post 2 My After Thoughts

I told you all at the start of November I did a program called Kaplan Tutoring program and while we were happy to take it on and the kids started out very enthusatic things did not go well with the actual program with Chase where as Blake’s worked out ok but he was not gung ho about doing it and although I pushed it was not nearly as hard as I would have if I thought we were going to continue on with the program.

Lets go at this though one kid at a time to just make it easier.  But first a quick overview of the program for you all.

When your child first starts the Kaplan tutoring program they will go through assessments to see what level of learning they are at to help them work on their struggling points.  This part takes about 30-45 minutes depending on which assessment they are doing and how much they are concentrating on it, it took Chase 30 to get through the math and about 45 with the reading.  After they finish the assessment you as a parent can log into your control center and see how they did, where they struggled, where they excelled etc.  They are even working on a feature that tells you how long your child has been on the site on what dates which is great.

As your children complete the assessments and even the actual lessons they can earn points towards a prize in the reward zone.  Chase had a very hard time with the program, not learning wise but technical wise, and he earned 2669 points in the short time he used it.

Now let me tell you how the boys felt about the tutoring programs.

Chase is my studious child, he is always interested in learning new things and so when I told him about this program he was super excited to use it, we had not even talked about the rewards section it was just his drive to learn that made him want to participate so much.  Once we were setup with the codes he went to work completing both assessments in the first night.  I then asked him if he wanted to just take a break and then the next day we would move on to the lessons and in the meantime I would go check the report card.  Unfortunately though when I went to check his report card it said he had not completed the assessment.  I emailed Mom Central to let them know and they emailed Kaplan, when we got the email back we found out Chase had to do the assessments again, they set his learning level too high and it did not pick up his stuff.

So Chase did the assessment a second time and again the same thing happened.  This time they automatically adjusted it and made it so that it looked as though Chase made it through the assessment so that we could move forward to the lessons.  At this point unfortunately Chase lost his steam because he feared it would screw up again on him so I could only get him to try it again a few times since then although I think the program is great I just wish that Chase’s assessment would not have screwed up on him so that he was so down about the learning.

Blake made it through the assessments on the first shot and moved forward to the lessons but he is not into learning and I spent a lot of time kicking him off game sites and getting him to go back to the program, he felt it was harder for him but towards the end of using it he did comment that he felt it was getting easier because we were working both on and offline on his math skills so Kaplan for sure helped him there.

Please I want to encourage you though to not take Chase’s issues too heavy on your decision to use Kaplan because it was a fluke thing I just wanted to let you know about his experience.  All in all I actually really like the Kaplan program and wish I could get the boys to focus a little more on using it to help improve at least their math skills.  As I previously mentioned it above I do want to say that the parent dashboard is my favorite I love being able to see what my kids were doing and how they were doing.

Kaplan wants to give my readers a chance to try out the tutoring program for a month for yourself and here is how.

Special Offer: 1-Month Free Trial!*

For more than 70 years, Kaplan has helped students achieve their academic and personal goals. At Kaplan Tutoring, our goal is to help kids in kindergarten through 8th grade make academic progress and build self-confidence to do their best and develop a love of learning.

We designed our online learning program to make learning convenient, effective, fun and intuitive for kids, and easy to track progress for parents. Here’s exactly how it works:

1. Online Assessments: We start with an online assessment to pinpoint your child’s unique math and reading levels. As soon as your child answers the last assessment question, you get access to detailed results showing where your child falls in grade-level curriculum and achievement expectations.
2. Adaptive Lessons: Next, we use these assessment results to serve up just the right level of math and reading lessons for your child. Lessons adapt as your child progresses to keep material fresh, interesting and challenging.
3. Motivating Learning: Fun characters and interesting material keep your child engaged in lessons. Your child also earns points for time spent learning to redeem for exciting rewards in the online Reward Zone that students love.
4. Convenience & Flexibility: We designed online learning to be easy to fit into your busy family schedule. Your child can log in to learn anytime, anywhere. And, our program remembers exactly where each lesson ends, so your child can fit as little as 20 minutes of online learning into your daily routine.
5. Measurable Progress: On top of it all, you get a parent account with real-time Progress Reports available to you anytime to see what your child has accomplished and what’s most challenging.

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I wrote this review while participating in a Test Drive Program by Mom Central on behalf of Kaplan and received the products necessary to  facilitate my review. In addition, I received a gift certificate to thank me  for taking the time to participate


  1. Terra Heck says:

    I’ll be posting about my kids’ experience on my site soon but I had the same problem with the assessments as you did. My boys’ feel defeated because they haven’t been able to get on with any lessons. It keeps on with the assessments, even after emailing and letting the company know.

  2. Betty N says:

    I am glad that there is a free trial and that you encourage each parent to decide if the program is right for their child. There usually isn’t a “one size fits all” program out there that can zero in not only on the material a child needs but then also providing that material in a format to play to the strengths of the child

  3. meme says:

    I was thinking about kaplan for my middle child but I am diffently not sure he discourages very easy and he would give up completley. I have to really think about this. Thank you so much for your honesty and review now I know there may be a problem at first and can try to avoid it if I decide to go with them.

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