Keurig B40 Review

We are still a house divided.  Not by what coffee machine we will use that one is a given it is now and will always be the Keurig.  Why do we love it so much you ask?  Well the answer is simple we can both have what we want with no cross over on taste and no sacrifice for quality.  Lee is a coffee person, has been since the day we met and I don’t think he will ever give it up.  The taste of coffee turns my stomach inside out I simply cannot handle it although I do love the smell.  Instead I drink tea, cider, hot chocolate and the like as do our kids (well not so much on the tea).  I have five VERY busy children and no time in my day to wait for a kettle to boil only to wait until it is a much more manageable temperature to drink.  By the time it is ready and cool enough to drink we are running out the door to scouts, sparks, swimming or one of the many other activities that we do.  With the Keurig I can pop in a k-cup, stick my cup under and press the cup size button and then continue hunting for socks, shoes, pants, diaper bags and the like.

The two cup size options it offers are  a 7-1/4-ounce cup and a 9-1/4-ounce mug.  This machine also features an automatic 2 hour shut off timer which means that when I forget to turn it off (which I will) that it remembers for me!!  My favorite feature may be the descaling indicator though letting me know when it is time to give the machine a good cleaning.

I mentioned above that I just pop in a K-cup, some of you may not know what that is.  That is the special little cup that you buy and is basically the coffee/tea/cider/whatever drink your brewing.  You put it in the machine, close the lid.  Special needles pierce the top and bottom which allows water to move through the grounds and brew a delicious cup of coffee or tea.  There is over 200 different varieties of coffee, tea, hot chocolate, iced drinks and more available for the Keurig in over 25 different brands.  Lee’s favorite was Donut Shop coffee.  My favorite drink out of our Keurig is either the Hot Cocoa or the Hot Apple Cider, nothing better on a cold day then playing in the snow with the kids coming into the house and in mere minutes having Hot Cocoa and Hot Coffee for all of us to enjoy and warm up drinking.

The Keurig B40 is available at Staples for only $99.99 a steal of a deal for an amazing machine.  The k-cups are also available from Staples and vary in price and box size from about $12.50 to $29.99 and that is for 18-45 K-cups.  Have a blend of coffee you really love but don’t like the wait time no worries Keurig has you covered there too.  With the Keurig My K-Cup Filter, priced at $19.74, you can brew your own blend right in your Keurig.


  1. Swaddle says:

    Thanks for the review, I’ve been debating with my husband to get one Keurig coffee maker or not. He is still a likes his old coffee maker from college, it’s like his baby.

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  3. does it yet again! Very thoughtful site and a thought-provoking post. Thanks!

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