Keurig B60 Special Edition Review & Giveaway

Lee loves coffee, I love tea, hot chocolate and hot apple cider.  Can you see where our problem might lay?  Yeah we fight over counter space for our respective appliances all the time.  I am home all day and so I thought that I should be able to leave my kettle and teapot on the counter but Lee thinks that he should be able to leave his coffee pot out for when he is home and wants coffee, this does not work well for me and so it ends up in an appliance war switching each others out when we are in the kitchen and getting snippy with each other about it.  Now thanks to the Keurig, we no longer fight because everything can be done with just one machine the B60 Special Edition Single-Cup Home-Brewing System.

The Keurig B60 brewer is a beautiful machine, I love how nice the black with chrome accents looks in my kitchen.  It has a backlit LCD that allows you to choose your cup size, show the time and choose your water temperature so you can have it very hot or even set it to a drinkable temp so as soon as it brews you can drink your beverage.  It even has a removable drip tray so that you can take it out for easy cleaning purposes and also for when you want to brew in the travel cup size.

Using the Keurig is very simple.  You fill the water tank on the side of the machine, turn it on and wait for it to say ready to brew.  Pull up on the lever, pop your k-cup in and close again.  Make sure you have a coffee cup underneath the spout, choose your cup size on the machine (small, regular and travel) and hit brew.  In less then a minute you have a fantastic tasting cup of coffee, tea or hot chocolate.

The Keurig B60 can brew a cup of tea, hot chocolate, coffee or cider in less then a minute and offers a very large variety of flavors, over 200 varieties, to satisfy any beverage drinker.  You can even purchase iced coffee flavors that you brew over ice cubes rather then in traditional hot water fashion.  We have quite a few favorite flavors that we purchase on a regular basis but below are our 6 favorite flavors.  Donut shop is very popular in our house, even when my parents come over they always ask if we have any donuts shop coffee when we offer them a drink.  Keurig coffee comes in a very neat little vessel called K-cups.  They are individual servings of coffee you pop into the machine, close the lid and it pierces a hole in the top and bottom to push the water through and into your cup.

For your K-cups I highly recommend you get yourself a carousel to hold your coffee in so you don’t end up with boxes of coffee everywhere.  We went and bought the chrome carousel (pictured first below) and I love that we can keep a variety on the counter and hide the rest away so it looks uncluttered and neat.  You can get the K-Cup Carousel Tower (holds 30) or the K-Cup Carousel in Chrome (holds 27).  While your out buying accessories I also recommend the my My K-Cup Reusable Filter (pictured below as well) so you can still brew your own coffee.

Keurig is going to give one of my lucky readers the Keurig B60 Special Edition Brewing System valued at $149.95.

Go check out the variety of K-cups and tell me which one you would like to try, if you have tried tell me your favorite one.

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Thank you to Keurig for this awesome giveaway.

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