KFC Fresh Blogger Experience & 2 $50 KFC gift certificate giveaways

If you follow my tweets then you know I went to KFC two weeks ago and got to experience so much more then I honestly was expecting.  I thought we would go and they would have us eat some of the items off the KFC menu and talk to us about the food and the process.  Instead what we got was SOOO much more it was amazing.

Me and Colonel Sanders

First thing is first I got to meet some very amazing other women bloggers on this trip and I feel very blessed to have these new friendships I have developed and hope they all stick.  I have been in groups where some have been standoffish etc. this was not the case everyone of us was outgoing, funny and smart so it was PERFECT.

Here is a short video that shows you what we did while we were there.

We started our day getting on the bus from our hotel and heading out, our first stop was one of the best KFC’s in Louisville where we got to start out meeting with the chef there who took great pride in his clean kitchen.  He explained to us how the chicken arrives, how they move it around the kitchen and then he demonstrated to us how he mixed the coating for the chicken, how they coated it and then the strategy in placing the items on the tray to be placed in the fryer.  It has to be put on in a specific manner or some will burn and some will be undercooked.

[flagallery gid=1 name=”KFC Restaurant”]

After we finished at the restaurant we headed to the YUM headquarters where the real fun of the day began.  The first thing we learned was that they are constantly testing their recipes and make NO changes without a big test group coming through to give them their opinion on it.  KFC does not want to make changes they like they want to make changes WE like.  In doing this the local residents of Louisville can signup to be part of the focus groups to do the testing.

After learning about that we got to further tour the facility including a visit to the vault where we learned some very interesting facts about the secret recipe.  Ready to learn them yourself?  Good here you go.

  • Only one person knows the combination to the vault which contains the safe that holds the secret recipe.
  • Only one person knows the combination to the safe that knows the secret recipe
  • The two people mentioned above are not the same person
  • Only two people know the KFC secret recipe
  • The two people that do know the recipe don’t know the combinations
  • The secret recipe is so secret that they employ three different spice companies to mix it up.  Two of the companies each mix half of the spices and then they ship it to the third where the spices are combined and sent off to the KFC restaurants.

The safe inside the vault

Then the hands on fun came and we got to actually go ahead and try to bread the chicken to be cooked ourselves.  This process is quite

interesting and is all about the number 7.  First you take the chicken from the cooler where it has been held but never frozen.  KFC chicken is delivered fresh, stored fresh and cooked fresh, always fresh never frozen.  The chicken is never to be carried by hand anywhere but instead it is transported on the metal pans to ensure it is kept clean.  Then it is put into a basket where it is dipped in water and left there for 7 seconds, then you take it out of the water and let it drip off for 7 seconds.  Once the dripping is done you shake the basket 7 times and then you dump the chicken into the coating mix which has already been mixed together, put through a sifter twice and is ready for the chicken.  You then mix the chicken in the coating 7 times by starting in the back corners and pushing towards the center then towards the outside.  It is a very precise science that is taken VERY seriously at KFC.  Then the chicken is taken out in a big wire basket, shaken 7 times to get the excess coating off and then placed onto the cooking tray to go into the fryer.  I teamed up with Tesa from 2 Wired 2 Tired and we shared the mixing and traying duties since there was a large group of us and it would have taken a long time for us all to get through the process.

We got to go into the KFC museum and I took this picture of the robotic Colonel Sanders at the door which was quite creepy I might add because he was so lifelike lol.

Then we got to go shopping in the KFC store and get our family some special items.  I got my four older kids each a stuffed chicken wearing a KFC banner that they absolutely love.  Lee a stainless KFC travel mug and myself a straw cup with the KFC logo on it.  I didn’t forget about baby Kinley and Becca from Mama B Blog and I who are each expecting a baby girl in July got our daughters the most adorable diaper shirts that they won’t get anywhere else I am positive.

All too soon the trip was over and we had to rush to our bus to get to the airport.  I have not shared everything with you because over the next little bit I will be sharing more stuff, pictures and giveaways to come.

KFC has given me some gift certificates to giveaway to my lucky readers.  Today TWO (2) lucky readers will each win $50 in gift certificates for KFC!!

Tell me what your favorite thing on the KFC menu is.

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