Kids Doctors Appointments

So yesterday I had to bring Holden for his 6 month checkup and while booking the appointment i decided to book the boys to go as well because they both ended up with small warts that would not leave. 

While i made the appointment a month ago and by the time yesterday came Chase’s warts, which were on his feet, have all spontaniously disappeared.  They weighed and measured Chase and at 10 yrs 8 mths old he weighed 106 lbs and was 58 inches tall. 

Blake has a small wart on his wrist and it is still there so we have these patches we have to put on his wrist at night then put duct tape overtop and leave it on overnight and remove it in the morning, we have to do this for a month and then it should be gone.  Blake at 8 yrs 10 mths old weighed 64.5 lbs and was 54 inches tall  While we were there I asked the doc to listen very well to his heart just to make sure all was well because blake had Supraventricular tachycardia and an arrythmia as a baby which almost took his life not once but three times.  When diagnoised his heart rate was 220 BPM, in a 2 month infant 120 is the norm his heart was going so fast it was ready to stop.  Then when we were trying medications to slow his heart and make it beat normal again one of the meds we tried caused him to have a seizure and stop breathing and his heart stopped briefly.  This really is a story for a post of its own because it is LONG so i will leave it here for now and write a post about it later.

Then it was Holdens turn, the doc checked his ears, nose, throat and paid very very close attention to his heart rate as we had one child with heart problems we now watch them all VERY closely, everything was great another big sigh of relief, as a mother I know that I could take it again if I have to but it very nearly killed me the last time i dealt with major health issues, I send out very major kudos to those that deal with these ongoing issues, 6 years was very much enough for me.  Holden weighed in at 17lbs 12 ozs and is 27″ long, he is such a tiny little one still.  He got his needles and did great only cried for a couple of seconds then i picked him up and he was quiet and other then being whiny yesterday we had no adverse reactions.

While there I asked him about Maddisyn, she did not have an appt but i figured I may as well bring her up.  I was concerned about her eating habits and her size.  She only eats rice and potatos, she used to eat veggies like they were going out of style but rarely eats those now and she will only eat ham if it is a full piece not cut up.  Other then that my child does not eat, she HATES meat and I am very concerned.  At 2 yrs 2 months she weighed 25 lbs and is 36.6 inches tall.

So that is my children and their doc appts.  They are all healthy and happy kids, Maddisyn needs to gain some weight or eat some meat but for now we will try to get her to eat more eggs and legumes, and of course we give her vitamins for now.

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