Kinley Catherine Alice Elizabeth’s Birth Story

From pretty much the start of my pregnancy I knew that Kinley was going to be an induction baby.  All of my other kids were induction baby’s because my body just doesn’t understand how to go into labor on it’s own.  I can grow super healthy babes but I can’t get them out haha.  Then she was breech and so we thought ugh she is going to be a c-section baby, why wouldn’t my last baby be the one that caused me all the issues and forced me to have a c-section.  Thankfully at 36 weeks I had an ultrasound and she had turned so no c-section was necessary yay.

On June 19th I had a doctors appointment where it was decided that since my cervix was really soft but only dilated to a 2 that we would go ahead and move forward with the induction that coming weekend.  My doctor was not on call until Sunday at 5 pm but I was to report to labor and delivery on Saturday at 5 pm to have the foley catheter put in to get my cervix to dilate to 4 cm and it would get soft and squishy.  When I got there the doctor checked me and decided that my cervix was posterior and so he didn’t want to do the Foley but instead he wanted to put in prostaglandin gel first to try to get my cervix to thin out more, dilate more and maybe even start contracting.  So they put the gel in and then I had to be on the monitors for an hour so they could make sure that Kinley was tolerating the gel well.  At first she had some serious decels in her heart rate in the first 5 minutes or so but then it came up to normal and stayed normal for the rest of the hour so at about 9 pm they sent me home.  On the way home I did start having some contractions but they fizzled out once we got home, got something to eat and rested.  So I took a couple of gravol to help me sleep and went to bed because I had to be back at labor and delivery for 8 am.

The next morning at 8 am I reported to labor and delivery again , the doctor came in at around 10 and checked me again and found my cervix had moved forward to a more optimal position although not all the way anterior, it was quite a bit more soft, he could reach to insert the foley so he went ahead and put in the foley at 10:20 am and then I was sent home again at 11:30 with orders to come back when the foley fell out or at 5 pm whichever came first.  So we came home and I laid down to rest some before it all got started because I knew at the rate we were going to be running a marathon that night since my labors were not really getting shorter.  The foley fell out at 2:30 so we headed back to labor and delivery about 3:30 but the doctor that was on call left orders for things to not get started until 5 pm.  So they set us up in our room, the nurse put in my IV around 4:00 which really sucked since I hate needles and then we waited.

At 5 pm they came in and got my pitocin started and the waiting continued.  I did laps around the labor and delivery ward for about an hour and then I went back to my room to meet my new nurse, Alyssa who was on her very first day alone in labor and delivery so I was her first solo patient.  At around 7:15 the cramps started coming but nothing consistent or painful.  By about 9 they were def turning into stronger contractions but not really doing a whole lot to my cervix.  At 10:00 pm my doctor came in and broke my water and this is when the fun began.  I was contracting stronger and more consistant every 2-3 minutes for about 30-40 seconds per contraction.  In between I was messaging my friend Erin on Facebook and when my doc would come in and see me she would make jokes about how dedicated I was to my phone, it was actually a really great distraction.

At 2:00 am they checked me again and I was only 6 cm dilated but could be stretched out to 8 if they tried.  At 2:05 pm I asked for an epidural and my nurses and husband ignored my request.  They knew how much I did not want one but that I was asking because I was super frustrated and so they ignored, if I had asked again they would have got me one.  Right after that I got into the shower and stayed there until 3:00 the hot water felt like bliss on my tummy.  I got out around 3:00 because I felt some pressure, they got me into bed and checked my I was still only a 7 and all of a sudden the contractions were coming like wildfire and in my back, so they flipped me onto my knees to take the pressure off, I had one contraction there and felt immense pressure so after a second one they turned me back over.  They called my doctor in at this point since she was in the hospital and I have a history of delivering fast, then they checked me again, still only a 7.  At 3:10 my doctor checked me and said I was an 8 with a lip and if I wanted she could hold it back while I tried to push around it, I agreed so she held it and I pushed and Kinleys head came around the cervix lip, then I pushed once more and Kinley was born at 3:12 AM weighing 7 lbs 0 ozs, 22.5 inches long.  Kinley truly is our miracle baby, she was born with a true knot in her umbilical cord which is extremely rare and results in fetal death a lot more often then a successful delivery because if it gets too tight then it cuts off the food etc. for the baby.

All of my other kids were white as white can be and baldies, Kinley had a head of dark hair and has darker skin (I don’t think I am the mother haha, she looks exactly like my husband did at birth).

I had a pitocin induction but a pain medication free labor and delivery which was exactly my plan all along, I had to stay in the hospital for two nights and was never so glad to go home to my kids.  Kinley has adjusted and is fitting in very nicely with our family and I cannot wait to see her grow and learn, but not too quickly please.

Kinley June 25th 2012

Kinley July 10, 2012


  1. Hanan says:

    Congrats, she is beautiful!

  2. Terra Heck says:

    Congrats on your new baby girl. Glad the labor and delivery wasn’t too stressful.

  3. sheena says:

    She’s beautiful!!! Such a priceless gift!!

  4. Shirley says:

    Congratulations! She’s adorable.

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