Kinley is Coming: Beaba Bib’Expresso Review

One of my least favorite things to do is warm a bottle for a hungry, angry baby.  First you need to boil the kettle or turn on the hot water and let it run until it is hot.  Then put it in the water and sit and wait for however long it takes to warm up the bottle.  By this time my kids are usually very angry because we are on demand feeders it is not like I can prepare the bottle ahead of time and be ready for x hour to feed them.  I know some parents use the microwave to warm bottles but we do not like to because of the risk of hot spots to burn the baby.

Beaba has moms like me covered now though with the awesome Bib’Expresso.  Using it is simple for any parent and can be done with one hand.  You simply fill the baby bottle with as much water as you need IE 2, 4,  ozs., pour the water into the machine, press the heat button and while you wait you can scoop the amount of formula needed into the bottle.  Once the machine beeps you simply press the orange button and it dispenses the perfect temp water into the bottle, put the lid on and shake.  In as much time as it takes to just get the water hot or the kettle to boil you can be feeding your baby.

The Bib’Expresso has a self cleaning function as well to ensure the machine is always clean and sterile, Kinley is not here yet so I have only had to clean the machine once just to test it for this review but once she arrives I will clean it before we use it again and then clean it every day to two days depending on usage amount.  To clean you pour 100 ml of water in the machine, press the clean button and let it do it’s thing.  Once your done you empty the water into a cup and dump it down the drain then you wait 5 minutes and can run the warm cycle on it again.

You can warm your jars of baby food up in the Bib’Expresso as well with the Bain-Marie mode.  You simply fill the water reservoir to the max line indicated, place the jar of food into the reservoir and then you choose one of the two warm buttons.  Button 1 is to warm food that has been sitting at room temp and takes about 7 minutes to do so.  Button 2 is to warm food that is at fridge temp and takes about 15 minutes to do so.  Please know that the temperature is not regulated in this mode so you need to be very careful to not overwarm the food.  You can also use Bain-Marie mode to warm up a baby bottle in the same manner you do the food but again please know that the temperature is not regulated.  When using the Bib’Expresso in Bain-Marie mode you can do so without the base.  You simply take off the microwave sterilizer on the back, take the power cable out, turn the unlock dial and it will come off (read directions for complete instructions on how to do this).

The Bib’Expresso also has a part that can be used as a sterilizer in the microwave.  You clean the bottles in hot soapy water, put the bottles in the sterilizer, it can hold up to 3, fill it with about 200 ml of water and pop it in the microwave.  The times necessary for microwave sterilization can vary so please consult the owners manual for complete directions.

At first I was very unsure if this was something that we would actually use or if it would just take up space on the counter.  After playing with it before Kinley even arrives I am very confident it is something that we will actually use anytime she needs a bottle.

The Bib’Expresso is available from many great retailers including for 129.95.

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  1. Wendy T says:

    Looks like a coffee pot for children that dispenses formula. Brilliant!

  2. Elena says:

    This is really cool! I wish I had one when my child was little

  3. Betty Baez says:

    Where was this when my kids where babies!!! Great invention!

  4. A.Smith says:

    This is a great product for baby shower gifts. Speedy prep and self-cleaning… words a mother lives by! I used my arm to test the temp so that’s not really a big deal and even if the machine tested it for me, I think I would still use my arm just in case.

  5. dutch oven says:

    I do, but, have one issue. The loaves look plus taste good and are consistent each time I create them but following exiting the oven (absolutely crispy plus crusty) following cooling they lose the crisis and the crust softens. If I pop them back inside oven for 5 minutes they regain, plus keep their crust. I have tried baking them longer, exiting them inside with all the oven door ajar nevertheless they still reject to keep their crispiness. Help!!

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