Kinley is Coming: Bobee Inc Diaper and Wipes Dispenser Review & Giveaway (US Only)

When you have a family of 7 like we are about to organization is key.  If you are not organized chaos and mess can quickly happen unfortunately I know this all too well so I spent some time trying to ensure that Kinleys nursery was organized so well if I needed something I could send a kid in and tell them exactly what I needed and they would be able to grab it and bring it to me no questions asked.

According to Bobee you will change 2000 diapers in the first year, I don’t know about you all but I would like those diapers to be at hand when I do change them.  The Bobee diaper and wipes dispenser is awesome and I have already had quite a few compliments on it and questions about it in the pictures I posted of Kinleys nursery on my Facebook page.

I had a few questions that I bet you all have the same ones so lets see if I can get everything covered in the review.  My number one question is will it hold cloth diapers.  In my pictures you will see I have disposable diapers in the dispenser, in reality those will rarely get used as we are a cloth diapering family, the answer is YES it will hold cloth diapers.  Next I wanted to know since the wipes are hanging out the bottom will they actually stay moist, the answer is that the first one will be dry from being in the air but the rest in the wipes package that is inside are kept moist.  I also needed to know how many diapers of what kind it would hold, the answer it will hold 20+ diapers depending on the size and type and will hold from newborn all the way up to pull ups so it can be used in her room for many years to come.

Things I didn’t think of because it didn’t apply to me but I read off the website is that the decals are removable and reusable so if you want to change this to a different decor you can with no problems.  The other thing I never thought of was can you paint the diaper dispenser and the answer to that was yes you can paint it to match the decor in the baby’s room.

With Holden I had a diaper stacker which matched his decor but then his wipes container was supposed to sit on the change table, in reality what happened was the diaper stacker was always full of diapers but the wipes were always on the floor, in the toy box, in the closet or in the bed.  Now they are exactly where I left them no hunting for wipes when I am trying to do diaper changes, especially at 3 am haha.

When you get the Bobee Diaper Dispenser it is plain white and comes with five decal colors brown, pink, blue, green and yellow.  Since Kinleys room is white, black and pink I decided to order black stickers separately to decorate the dispenser to match the room.  I really wish it would have come with black stickers but I don’t think that is a very popular color for in a nursery and so I do understand why it didn’t it seemed to come with the most popular colors for baby decor.

I have a friend who is having triplets and I think that this would be perfect especially for a mom of multiples when your hands are already super full this would be perfect to help keep you organized and sane.


The Bobee Diaper and Wipes Dispenser is available on for $44.99.

Bobee Inc is going to give one of my readers a diaper and wipes dispenser (ARV $44.99)

Tell me how you currently organize your diapers and wipes in your nursery..

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  1. Molly says:

    I don’t have an organization system that is why I need this!

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  3. Jennifer says:

    I keep diapers in a wicker basket… I need some help and this looks fantastic!

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  5. Liz D says:

    I’m setting up my nursery as I am pregnant so I don’t have an organization system for diapers yet! I could really use this!

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  8. Ashley Mabe says:

    I currently store our cloth wipes in a plastic bin (upcycled icecream bucket). Our cloth wipes are stored in a regular cloth diaper organizer as well as under our changing table in shelves.

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  15. rebecca says:

    Mine are just stacked up in a wicker basket (we use mostly cloth) or just in a stack beside the wipes. 🙂

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  22. Jessica Eaton Ledford says:

    We are past diapers..but I keep pullups for night-time in a drawer and wipes beside the potty 🙂

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    I follow Jabbering Jessi on twitter as @cherriesjess

  25. Shanna says:

    I’m currently pregnant with twins – so no babies yet BUT I can only imagine
    just how helpful this product would be =)

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  34. Elizabeth Neu says:

    I’m embarssed to admit that we have NO diaper organiztion in our daughters room, or any diaper organization in our soon to be here twin girls room either. Right now we buy a box of huggies, open the box and then open the package and take diapers straight out of the box. The wipes are all over the house. Its not uncommon for us to have 4-5 packages of wipes opened at the same time because we can never find where we left them at. That’s pretty embarassing to admit, but its the truth. We got diaper stackers with the bedding we just bought, so I’m thinking I can try the diaper stacker again, but with sydney the stacke was always full and I just pulled diapers out of the bags from the closet… I’m horrible. i dont know how I’m going to manage with 2!!!

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  40. Alexa B. says:

    well i’m currently expecting. baby will be here in october. i haven’t even started setting up the nursery yet but this would be a GREAT help.

  41. sarah says:

    I currently keep diapers on the shelf below the changing table and wipes on the actual changing pad.

  42. Sheryl Granholm says:

    No organization system here!

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    They are just in piles on the shelf under the changing table 🙁

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