Kinley is Coming: Safety 1st VersaScan Talking Thermometer Review & Giveaway (US Only)

There are few true necessities I insist on having on hand when the baby is home for the first week or so and while I am fully prepared this time I will say that in the past I have not been and had to send Lee out at 3 am for a thermometer to do a temp check on our newborn baby.  This time Safety 1st has fulfilled that need without a 3 am drug store run, and best of all it is with the mack daddy of all thermometers the VersaScan Talking Thermometer.

We were sent for review the Safety 1st VersaScan Talking Thermometer for use.  Right out of the box I was very happy, this one needs 2 AAA batteries and in the past we have found tha we need to buy new batteries for it since they don’t come with them, not this time Safety 1st included the batteries in the box to save us a headache of hunting for batteries because we had assumed there was some in the package.  Once I got the batteries installed I read the directions and setup the date, time, temperature readout choice (F or C), the volume for the talking and then I was good to test it.


I love this thermometer for a few reasons already and I have only used it to try it on me.  Here is a list of the reasons I love this termometer.

  1. Easy to turn on and off the sound by simply pressing the S button on the thermometer.
  2. Backlight display allows me to see the temperature even if we are in a dark room.
  3. When I am taking the temperature it tells me very clearly if the thermometer is not placed correct and shows an arrow that it is reading
  4. It takes less then a minute to take the temperature
  5. It has a fever indicator ring and little emoticon faces that will tell me if the temperature is normal or if it is too high
  6. It has an awesome memory function that allows me ot store the last 30 measurements in the thermometer so I can keep track on that and scroll through and see what day/time/temp it was
  7. It has an easy on and off probe cover so no worries about it having germs and yuckies on it
  8. It is an ear scan thermometer, nuff said haha

Not only does the VersaScan thermometer do temp by ear but you can also measure the temperature of an object such as food, drink or bath water.  To do this you simply turn on the thermometer, press and hold the M & S buttons for 5 seconds and ensure the display changes from ear to object so that it is in the correct mode then hold it within 2 inches of the object you are testing without touching it.  Press and hold the on button and you will see the arrow appear showing that it is measuring the temperature and then the thermometer will beep to indicate temp has been taken.  Move the thermometer away from the object and the temperature will appear.  This is super cool for a sleep deprived mom who wants to ensure bath water is the correct temperature before putting your new baby into it.

The thermometer has an auto shut off after 1 minute and the battery life should last approximately 200+ readings.  There is a battery icon that will appear to indicate that you should replace your batteries so no guessing and no dead thermometer when you desperately need it in the night.

I am sure this will get used for Kinley more then the rest of us but I did already go ahead and take a base temp for everyone in the house at a normal resting and relaxed rate that way if anyone feels sick I can take their temp and know if it is up according to THIS thermometer or if they are not running a fever.  Once Kinley gets here I will do the same for her, I highly recommend anytime you get a new thermometer you do a base, rested temp on everyone in the house using it and write it down on a piece of paper (ours is taped inside our medicine cabinet door), this way you will know what is right and what is wrong since not every thermometer is the same.

The Safety 1st VersaScan Thermometer is available from for $43.18 which is a marked down price and it is regularly $49.99.  It may also be purchased from for $39.99 which is a cheaper option if you are able to shop online at Target.

Safety 1st is going to give one of my lucky readers the VersaScan Talking Thermometer ARV $49.99

Go to Safety 1st and tell me something else from them you think you would use.

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Thank you to Safety 1st for this awesome giveaway.

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