Kinley is Coming: Vinyl Disorder Review & Giveaway (US & Canada)

We have vinyl all over our house, I love that I can add a personal touch in a non-permanent way that we can change with the changes in our lives and in our home.  Kinleys room is no exception and thanks to Vinyl Disorder she has an adorable saying in her room.

Lee is my vinyl installer and installed this last night after I had gone to bed but he came about 10 minutes after me so I would say that is a good indication that it did not take long to put up.  When I asked him he said it was very easy to install and that there was never a point where he needed help that I was not there to provide.

I wish I would have ordered it a bit bigger but the sizing is my issue not Vinyl Disorders.  One thing I really love about Vinyl Disorder is that the prices are very reasonable, but beyond that they do vinyl for more then just your walls you can get vinyl made for your vehicle, boat, trailer, walls, laptops and so much more.  Also you do not have to go with a stock vinyl with Vinyl Disorder you can make everything to the way you want it.

You can make up 5 lines of text, how long you want it (you are charged based on length), the color you want, the font you want including if you want a special one you can enter up to three names and they may be able to get it for you.  I love all those options and cannot wait to have more vinyl made for our house.

Vinyl Disorder is going to give one of my readers a vinyl of their choice.

Go to Vinyl Disorder and tell me which quote you would choose .

Please make sure to leave separate entries for each thing, if it says you get 5 entries please leave 5 comments. 1 entry per method unless otherwise specified

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This giveaway is open US & Canada.
Ends May 18, 2012 @ 11:59 PM EST
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Thank you to Vinyl Disorder for this awesome giveaway.

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  1. Mommydoll13 says:

    i would pick one of the Halloween ones for my kitchen I really like the Halloween Eat drink and be scary Holiday Vinyl Wall Decal Mural Quotes Words HO015EatdrinkH

    They have so many good ones it is hard to choose.


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    Teh Doll

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    Teh Doll

  7. courtney b says:

    i like “dig dinosaurs”

  8. Glogirl says:

    I would choose the Live Well…Laugh Often…Love Much Wall Vinyl Decal Sticker.

  9. Glogirl says:

    I Like Jabbering Jessi on Facebook. (Amy M)

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  13. Cassie Charman says:

    I would pick the “Loved you then, love you still, always have, always will” quote!

  14. Cassie Charman says:

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  19. Anne N. says:

    I like this on efor the bathroom, Bathroom Rules: wash, Brush, Flush Wall Quote Mural Decal

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  25. brooke t says:

    Love Laugh Live Wall Vinyl Decal Sticker

  26. brooke t says:
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    i also like the sports custom text

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  46. Karen Gonyea says:

    I would LOVE to get the Live Well…Laugh Often…Love Much Wall Vinyl Decal Sticker for my kitchen 🙂

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    LIKE Jabbering Jessi on FB 🙂

  48. danielle hall says:

    forever for always no matter what

    liked vinyl disorders and jabbering jessi

  49. maybe twinkle little star

  50. Elaine R says:

    I would choose a Letter Monogram, MG004R.