Kinley is Coming: Zooper Bolero Stroller Review & Hook on High Chair or Rocker in Green Giveaway (US & Canada)

When you have a baby there are some important things you need.  Crib or somewhere to sleep, car seat and a good stroller that is both baby and parent friendly.   The Zooper Bolero is a really great stroller and I am in love with it already and Kinley is not even here yet to actually use it yet.  I do intend on doing a heres how hands on review once she comes but lets talk about all the features in this one.

The first thing I had to do was take all the parts out of the box, OK admittedly I am huge pregnant so my friend Jen came over and built a bunch of stuff for me including this stroller but I was there to take pics and help her.  So we got all the pieces out of the box and laid out on the floor for a picture.

Then she went to work first putting the wheels on and then asking me what else she can put together.  Seriously it was that easy it took her two seconds to snap each of the front wheels on and then to put on the back wheels.  It was a bit more challenging putting the brake line into the little brackets but that took longer then putting the wheels on.

So we started out by putting it into the bassinet mode first just so that we could get pictures of it.  First you remove the canopy and there are two zippers that allow you to pull the foot rest up and zip it up forming a box.  Then you place the bassinet material over the stroller, make sure to get all the snaps attached and of course clip the bassinet fabric to the D rings on the inside of the stroller to ensure it is safely attached and not going anywhere.  Then you put the canopy back on and voila a bassinet that is facing you.  One thing is that this process does take a bit and having to do it over and over again to put it in and out of the van may not be really good especially if baby is fussy or it is raining etc out.  I do like that when it is in bassinet mode if I choose to I can buckle Kinley in so if the younger kids want to push her I can strap her in for safety.  In the last picture shown here you can see the sleeping bag part on the stroller which will be great to keep the baby warm and then it can be used when the stroller is in the normal mode as well.

Next we converted it back over to the regular forward facing stroller.  To do this we did the opposite of above, unclip D rings, remove the canopy, remove the bassinet fabric, unzip the foot and then replace the canopy to face in the right direction.  I am sure over time this process will get quicker and quicker or at least I do hope we get faster.  What I really love the most about the Zooper Bolero stroller is that we can use it with the soft bumper bar or with a snack tray.  It CANNOT be folded with the snack tray on it only with the soft bumper bar because of how small it folds down which is really perfect because it allows me to be able to keep two strollers in my van and still put shopping purchases in.  This picture shows it with the soft bumper bar, the snack tray and folded down on my floor.  One thing that Jen and both really loved about the Zooper Bolero Stroller was that once it was folded down it has a convenient carry handle on it and it is very light and easy to carry.

I love the safety features the Zooper stroller has.  When it is reclined at the top of the stroller there is an infant safety net that ensures wiggly baby’s cannot wiggle up and fall out.  But my most favorite feature is the canopy of the stroller.  First and foremost the peek a boo window is tinted which means that when you peek in at the baby it doesn’t allow the sun to blast into the baby’s eyes.  It is a huge over sized combines the UV net, rain cover, and sunshade into one.  By simply undoing a zipper I am able to pull the canopy all the way over so that it is cover from the back of the stroller to the toy bar.  No more trying to get a receiving blanket to stay on to protect the baby from the wind, sun or strangers.  One thing I always worry about with strollers though is that they are not getting enough air moving through.  I think Zooper heard the thoughts of moms because they have made it so that by unzipping a zipper (different from the one mentioned above) the canopy is able to be dropped down and it has a netting there to allow proper air flow through the stroller.

Some other really great things not pictured but absolutely worth mentioning is the cupholder (you can see it in the picture above at the bottom of the handle where it meets the frame of the stroller.  It has a five point safety harness and a headrest for newborn baby.  There is a very large pocket on the back of the canopy in the picture directly above you can see the purple pocket on the red canopy.  This stroller has very easy pushing abilities with just one hand and it has a single seat hand recline function which is a smooth operation so no jiggling the baby or child around while they are falling asleep.  There is a car seat fastening belt.  This is a black strap that you clip onto the D rings which I mentioned earlier and then it goes up and over the car seat and buckles to keep the seat in the same spot safely.

One thing I am not in love with is how hard it is to get into the basket underneath if it is reclined you cannot get to your stuff from the back.  But you can access it from the front of the stroller so by simply clicking the brakes on and going around to the front you can get your stuff but I just wish I could have got it from the back.

There is I am sure stuff I am leaving out of this but once Kinley comes I will be doing a video review to tell you more and of course show you the stroller in use.

The Zooper Stroller I received for review is the Zooper Bolero stroller sells on for $399.  The color I received was Canyon Red.  At first I was not sure if I would like the colors but I am absolutely in love with it.

Zooper is going to give one of my readers their choice of the Hook on High Chair ($49) or the Rocker in Green ($79)

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