Knitting day

When Maddisyn was a couple months old thanks to my friend Jen and a great book called Stitch N Bitch by Debbie Stoller I taught myself to knit. I knit maddisyn quite a few hats over the first few months of her life, I also knit Lee and the boys a hat with their favorite Nascar Driver’s numbers on them. Then i stopped knitting for quite some time. well i have decided it is time for me to try my hand at knitting again, after all Holden is goign to need some hats when he is born and what better then one knitted with mamas love, and cramps in the hands lmao. I am in the starting phases of my first hat for Holden, I could not find my 16″ round knitting needles so i had to send Lee to the store to buy me a 16″ round needle, cable stitch holders, and some yarn. He picked the yarn color and i think it is quite cute. Here are some pics of the hat in progress i am only about halfway through my 4th round and have 32 to go. I hope i can pick up the knitting as fast as i did the last time, if so maybe i will have to do a knit hat giveaway at some point so keep an eye on my blog just in case 🙂
The makings of a hat

The close up of the hat

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