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I find that I am mailing more and more things out lately, not sure what it is but I feel like I spend so much time on this computer that mailing a nice handwritten letter sometimes is very nice for both me to sit down and write and for my friends and family to receive.

I recently had the pleasure to work with Label Daddy.  I received return address labels from them and while I would love to post a picture of the labels I received here I would rather not post my address for all to see so let me show you some other things from the website instead as well as tell you about Label Daddy.

The return address labels are perfect, I was able to go in and choose what color I wanted for my label, border, background, font, as well as what graphic I wanted to put onto my label.  You can even have your label laminated for an additional $4.95 if you want to.  My package of return address labels contained 85 labels so I know that they will last me for a long time because even though I have been mailing out more stuff I still don’t mail that much.  The labels are not big and overbearing and were very easy and quick to design and order as well I received them very quickly.

Label Daddy does so much more then just return address labels and now I am thinking man I wish I would have gotten things for the kids sippy cups for when we are out because I am so tired of saying umm yeah I did buy that and I know for a fact that is our cup.  All of Label Daddys labels are microwave safe, dishwasher safe and washer/dryer safe.  You can label your kids clothes, cups, shoes, hats, sunscreen, waterbottles you name it, and since camping season is upon us I think that these would be perfect to ensure your child comes back with all of the stuff that you sent that belongs to him.

Label Daddy has a camp pack which contains 152 laminated labels for $50.00 camp pack includes: (6 different sizes) 4 luggage bag labels, 60 extra small labels, 40 small labels, 16 medium labels, 10 shoe labels, and 22 mini-shoe labels.

There is also a school pack which contains 132 labels plus 4 zipper tags for $40.00 in 7 different sizes. School pack includes: 1 Bag Tag, 45 Extra Small, 30 Small, 20 Medium, 10 Large, 18 Mini shoe labels, 8 Shoe, and 4 Zipper Tags.

You can get your label in your favorite Disney characters including Winnie the Pooh, Princess and the Frog, Jonas Brothers, Hanna Montana and so much more, you can visit the Label Daddy website and create your own labels to see exactly what characters are available.

Thank you to Label Daddy for this great product to review.
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