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I belong to a wonderful coop group on Facebook and as such I get some pretty cool deals on stuff.  One particular buy that I was super excited to see what LazyOne pajamas.  If you don’t know what they are you can go and look, I know your dying to I will just wait until you get back.  Back?  Ok great so see how super adorable they are, especially the flapjacks you know you want a pair for yourself and your kids.  While I wanted to get them for the whole family I didn’t think that the older boys would appreciate the Christmas morning pictures being taken with them wearing these (although I think they would be perfect for scouting camps to keep the kids warm at night and so I do plan on ordering them each a pair anyhow).  I also didn’t think Lee would wear them but after seeing them he has told me he would love to have a pair of hte red ones, I guess I should have asked before I ordered the rest.  Barring my major oversight of Lee  I ordered Kinley and Maddisyn the matching pink flapjacks and I ordered Holden a pair of the red flapjacks.

Now ordering through a coop we know things can be slow and stuff can happen but I really had my fingers crossed that things would go perfectly with this buy for me, I was wrong.  I ordered Holden’s pajamas in a 4t and when I got them the girls sizes were right but Holdens were a 3t, too small.  Now I have already been through a few issues with Christmas gifts not making it etc. so I about had a nervous break down but decided to keep calm and get in touch with the company.  Now admittedly we are getting pretty close to Christmas and I kind of had a mini panic attack about them not being able to get me a replacement pair for Christmas after all I would have to send back the too small size and wait for them to arrive to the company before I could get my right size.  I explained they were for Christmas Eve and then attempted to wait patiently.  Finally after only two days I had a resolution in my inbox.  I was able to actually go to our local mall and to a store that sold these pajamas, not a LazyOne store just one that carries this brand, and exchange them and when I ordered I really wanted the plaid ones but they didn’t have them in Holdens size,while the store did and they allowed me to trade my red 3t for plaid 4t I was so happy!!  The company actually went above and beyond for me in contacting the local store, arranging the switch out for me and putting me at ease *insert sigh of relief here*.  While talking with another admin from my coop I also found out that a pair was hand delivered to a mom when there was a mistake in her order, that right there folks is excellent customer service.  I know me telling you about this might seem scary but I can assure you that this was a large bulk order that went amazingly smooth.

Now let me tell you about the Flap Jack pajamas I got for the kids.  First and foremost these are seriously the cutest things I have ever seen in my entire life.  I was not able to put them on the kids to take pictures because they are their special Christmas Eve pajamas so they don’t get to see them before hand but I promise you that I will write another post to share them with you right after Christmas.  The Flapjacks are made from 100% cotton/ 1 x 1 ribbed knit and available from sizes infant 6 months all the way up to adult XL and the price ranges from $18.99 to $49.99 depending on whether it is infant, kid or adult sizes you are buying.  They come in brown, pink, red or red plaid and each pair has a to die for trap door on the bum of them with either a bear bottom or a moose caboose picture.  These look to be a little long but that is fine because I have taller kids so long is OK in our books!

LazyOne has so much more then just the flapjack pajamas they also have boxers, two piece sets, pajama pants, slippers, socks, tank tops and so much more you really need to go spend some time exploring the site to see exactly all the options they have for you.  I was already asked if I would buy these again and without even wearing them on the kids my answer is a resounding yes!!  I was even talking to another momma in my group who said “I got hubby a pair of pajama pants there for Xmas last year with moose on them and he still wears them all the time. Very well made! He has a tendency to wreck clothes fast lol” which to me means these should last until my kids outgrow them.  Kinley is lucky because if they do hold up well she will end up with three pairs over time and if not well the customer service alone has made me a customer for life never mind the cuteness of the pajamas and the quality.  For the most up to date information I suggest you follow LazyOne Canada on Facebook or on twitter (right now on the twitter account there is a code for 15% off these flapjacks, don’t hesitate order now to be in for Christmas).

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  1. Janet W. says:

    The flap on the PJs is the most adorable thing! It’s nice to hear about great customer service, too!

  2. Shirley says:

    I’m glad that customer service did get you a resolution in time.

  3. Wendy T says:

    Those are adorable!

  4. Rich Hicks says:

    What a really cute baby! PJs are super cute and glad got things taken care of.

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