Life with a new baby

Is so not always fun lol. I am exhausted, although he sleeps decently ok at night he has to sleep with me or will not sleep at all. I have a bassinet and a moses basket for him and he wakes up the second he is layed in either, i put him in my bed and he sleeps the night away. I think it is time for mommy to go buy a bouncy seat and see if he will sleep in there.

I am not a co-sleeper, i see nothing wrong with it but it is a habit that i refuse to start and something that is so not for my family. But the last two days he has left me no choice because the only way i can sleep is with him in our bed which i must say is convienent for nursing lol.

This post is really going nowhere just wanted to write it out.

On a good note though my milk came in last night and i am so proud i was able to pump about 1/2 an oz in about 5 min just to see lol. I know this does not seem like a big deal but with my 19 month old daughter i struggled everyday every feed for the first six months of her life to eclusive breastfeed her. When i pumped it would take 20-30 min just to cover the bottom of the bottle on the pump so this is a huge thing for me and i just hope my supply keeps up. Although i do have a script for a drug that will help my supply if i need it.

On the bright side last night he had his first bath at home and we used his bath luve and he loved it and stopped crying as soon as i put it on him.

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