Looking for a good bra sale

I know this is probably the most personal post I will maybe ever write here but I need a place to vent out my frustrations.  I have decided that it is time for me to start working out and work off this weight to make myself a hot momma.  In my new found want of fitness and weight loss I knew I was going to have to start off by buying the proper workout gear.  I found myself a pair of capri leggings for workout that I really feel comfortable in and love.  I think that feeling comfortable in my workout gear is going to play a large part in my wanting to get fit.

I also managed to find a tank top that I love and find super comfortable so I bought it in several colors.  Then I had to find a good supporting bra.  This past weekend  one of our big stores had a bra sale and so I headed over to it hoping to find a sports bra on sale that fit me comfortably and that I could buy multiple ones of.  I found two bras I thought would work but neither would fit.  I am unhappy with the fact that I have a chest three cup sizes larger then when I started out having kids, I know that with weight loss will come chest reduction so I guess for now I will have to deal with it but in the meantime I need stuff to be comfortable in.

In the meantime I know I am going to put out a bunch of money on a bra for this purpose so I would love some advice.  Do you have a sports bra that you absolutely could not live without?  What is your favorite brand of sports bras?  Do you have any care tips for taking great care of it to make your sports bras last longer?

Wish me luck on my journey to finding not only comfortable clothes but also losing 100 lbs.  This is only the first of many posts you are going to see from me about my weight loss journey, we are just starting and I hope that you my readers will walk down this long road with me and give me the encouragement and perhaps strength I am going to need to get through when mars bars and McDonalds calls me name.

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