Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover with Clinton Kelly & $50 Macy’s giftcard giveaway ~ ENDED

Ok I will be the very first to admit my wardrobe could use a serious overhaul.  My shirts don’t fit and are old, my pants are wearing out too.  I would totally love to win a makeover with Clinton Kelly, wouldn’t you?

Well now Macy’s is giving us a chance to do just that with their million dollar makeover.  Check out the details for it below and enter to win for yourself.

8 Deserving contestants. 8 Makeovers. Help us decide who will win the makeover of a lifetime.

Clinton won’t just be transforming your wardrobe; he will help to transform your work, your home, your entire life. “Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover” will consist of a nationwide call for entries through January 31st, from which eight contestants will be selected for a Clinton Kelly makeover. America will help us decide which of the eight will win the makeover of a lifetime, worth $1 Million!

“Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover is my typical makeover on steroids,” said Clinton Kelly, style expert for Macy’s and co-host of TLC’s What Not to Wear. “The winner will not only get some quality time with me to update their look, but they will get a truly life-changing experience. From fashion to finances to fitness, they will undergo a complete life transformation.”

Entries may be submitted at from now through January 31, 2011. Entrants must “like” Macy’s on Facebook to access the contest application, and will be required to submit either a video or picture.

Following the nationwide entry period, eight contestants will be selected in early February and will undergo a makeover session with Clinton. Each contestant’s personal story and makeover will be filmed and posted to for an open voting period that begins in March. Two videos will be posted each week and the video with the most votes each week will proceed to the semi-finals in April. The top two videos will compete in a finals round – with the victor winning the million dollar makeover.

“Macy’s Million Dollar Makeover” with Clinton Kelly is open to legal residents of the United States who are 18 years of age or older.

In the meantime I would like to give one of my lucky readers a $50 Macy’s gift card.  To win this one is very simple.  Tell me why you deserve a makeover.

This contest will end on January 31, 2011 and a winner will be chosen using and the winner is plugin and emailed after the giveaway ends.  This contest starts on 1/14/11 and ends on 1/31/11 and is open to residents of the United States ONLY.  Macy’s will then be sending out the gift card after proper address verification is received.  Winners will have 24 hours to verify the address before a new winner will be chosen.

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  1. 58
    G Bailey says:

    Deserve? I have some personal “makeovers” going on, but I don’t know that I’ve done anything to deserve the Macy’s makeover. :)

  2. 59
    sandra says:

    i deserve a makeover so i don’t embarrass my family in my ratty old tees and pj pants any longer

  3. 60
    Debbie Stanton says:

    I deserve (well, I NEED) a makeover because as a SAHM, I am the last on one the shopping list… I justify it because all I NEED is jeans and t-shirts and sweatpants, right? That really is wrong for me to think that way as I find that I have kinda let myself go and my look shows it.
    billdebstanton at hotmail dot com

  4. 61
    Emily says:

    I’ve been out of work for a while and need a makeover to be more professional to start my new job. A makeover would be so nice!

  5. 62
    ALba Garza says:

    I deserve a makeover because i do for others but not for myself. I dress unaccordingly and i know it but i just dont know what goes.

  6. 63
    Christina G. says:

    I need a makeover because I seldom get dressed…um yeah. I am a stay at home mom and nothing fits and I nurse so most clothes are not friendly for this unless they are maternity and I am petite so that doesn’t work. So Often I stay in Jammies all day long unless I am forced to eave the house…yeah, I know. Sexy :(

    grahamcrackerbabykisses AT gmail DOT com

  7. 64
    Brandy says:

    I work really hard, just had a baby and need clothes that fit. Not feeling so pretty lately…

  8. 65
    Tamara B. says:

    Being a stay at home mother for the past 16 years I have let myself go. I have made the house, and the childrens’ needs priority before my own and really need a makeover.

  9. 66
    Mindi says:

    I deserve a makeover because I always buy for my kids and hubby first even if I am the one most in need!

  10. 67
    Eileen says:

    After marrying too young, raising 6 kids the past 30 years and being sick the past 9, I have have put myself last, neglected myself for far too long and lost most of my confidence in doing so. I NEED to get ‘myself’ back , and that includes taking care of me on the inside AND the outside! A makeover is such a great thing to dream of!

  11. 68
    Callie says:

    I need a makeover b/c after graduating from grad school in May and working this year but knowing that my 1 year contract is up in July and I have to job hunt again, money is tight. And I sure could use some work clothes!

  12. 69
    mframe says:

    I need a makeover because after having a mastectomy I need clothes that fit properly! They look really funny now.

  13. 70
    Tara G. says:

    I need a makeover because everything in my closet is so worn and unflattering!

  14. 71
    Kelly D says:

    I could use a makeover because after having 2 kids and becoming a stay at home mom, my wardrobe comes second, and it shows. I need a better clothing selection.

  15. 72
    Lesli says:

    I deserve a makeover b/c I am laid off and need a lift.

  16. 73
    Natalia says:

    I could really use a makeover since I haven’t bought any new piece for myself for a long while.

  17. 74
    John D. says:

    I would like to win it for my wife. We are so tight with our budget that I don’t remember when she has something new for herself. But she deserves it! Really!

  18. 75
    nanjhall says:

    Hard to say I “deserve” one, but my wardrobe and hair should could use one:)

  19. 76
    Donna B. says:

    I’ve lost about 10% of my body weight ( on my way to my goal to lose 100 pounds this year) so I desperately need a makeover – none of my clothes fit anymore (in a good way, but it’s still a problem!).

  20. 77
    clarissa says:

    i could use a make over! I am pregnant with my 6th child and have been pregnant and/or nursing for the past 13 years!

  21. 78
    Kelly says:

    I deserve to win this makeover because I so desperately could use it. I have stopped caring for myself , and it shows. A makeover would be just what I need about now. It would brighten me up and make me feel better too. I’d love to win this..
    Kelly´s last blog post ..Chunky Bling Mix and Match Watch

  22. 79
    Judith says:

    I am 64 and live in sweats

  23. 80
    Grace Wong says:

    I deserve a makeover because all the money I earn goes to the bank. I really need a motivation to spend a little more for myself!

  24. 81
    madwoman-doing-cartwheels says:

    I so need a Million Dollar Makeover after 4 babies in 6 years I’m a frump!

    Thanks for the chance!

  25. 82

    I deserve a makeover because I am just starting to go TO school instead of online courses so I need to look my best.
    Nina@The One Fantastical´s last blog post ..I’m Excited to be Trying Weight Watchers online! Plus FREE Trial For You!

  26. 83
    Terri says:

    I deserve a makeover because I have not bought in new clothes or shoes or anything for a such a long time.

  27. 84
    Christi says:

    I deserve a makeover because I’m completely outnumbered by boys in my house, and need something to feel a little girly. :)
    Christi´s last blog post ..Baby Bullet Review &amp Giveaway

  28. 85

    I’m a mom. I stay at home. I own black tops and bottoms. It’s pathetic. I need some life in my closet. Maybe to let my husband see me for the spicy beauty I once was.
    JamericanSpice´s last blog post ..The Boy And I Have An Agreement

  29. 86
    Karin says:

    Because I’m a Glamour Don’t that wants to be a Glamour Do. I want to go from frumpy to fab!

  30. 87
    Kristy H says:

    I’d love to win this because I recently lost alot of weight, so I’d love to buy some new clothes that fit AND look nice! It stinks wearing baggy clothes when you worked hard to lose the weight!
    Kristy H´s last blog post ..NightTime Cold Meds and my kids dont mix!

  31. 88
    ShellieAndBrutus says:

    I wear scrubs to work. At home I wear tees and sweats or shorts. I hardly wear make-up anymore. I am overweight and out of shape. And my hair? Girl, puleeze! I need a personal upgrade.

  32. 89
    Susan says:

    You know you need a makeover (or at least an updated wardrobe) when you go into a store and nothing you come out with is for you, yet you are still wearing a sweater you bought many years ago…
    Susan´s last blog post ..Its raining- its pouring

  33. 90
    Trisha Lynn says:

    I think I could use an update! I am a little behind in some of the fashion trends!

  34. 91
    Cathy says:

    I wear the same thing everyday, so a makeover would probably change everything, lol. Thank you for the giveaway!

  35. 92
    Kelly says:

    I would love to win so that I could get away from the ‘mom’ look.

    blaskey1186 at yahoo(dot)com

  36. 93
    sherri crawford says:

    i need a makeover because most of my clothes are not very flattering ,as i have seen in some holiday pictures, and i didnt know that.

  37. 94
    HeatherM says:

    i need a makeover because in the 2.5 years since my daughter was born, the only things i’ve purchased for myself are from walmart! it’s the easiest place to shop with her since it’s right down the street!

  38. 95
    Dana says:

    Wow-i need a makeover so bad. Same look for 10 years.

  39. 96
    Amy Hint says:

    I deserve a makeover because I am a busy mom who thinks of herself last! I always make sure that the kids are taken care of first, so sometimes I get neglected.

  40. 97
    Anne says:

    I deserve a makeover because I still dress in jeans and t-shirts like I’m in college, and I’m getting kind of old for that.
    Anne´s last blog post ..Gorton’s Seafood Review and Giveaway

  41. 98
    Kerry says:

    What mom doesn’t deserve a makeover? I need help because I’m so busy helping the kids that I don’t have time for myself anymore!

  42. 99
    ria says:

    I look a hot mess!
    rmartinclarke @

  43. 100
    courtney d says:

    i deserve a makeover because the last few years of my life have been very stressful and i would really enjoy a new beginning (and to feel a little better about myself!)

  44. 101
    Wendy says:

    I could use a makeover because I’m turning 40 this year and don’t want to look it! My wardrobe could seriously use a facelift… it would really boost my Winter blues too! It’s been a long January!

  45. 102
    Shawna OBrien says:

    I could really use a makeover as my wardrobe needs some serious help. A makeover would be great to help me make a great first impression in my job and profession. A makeover would also help me to feel good knowing that I’m taking care of myself and looking and feeling my best and accomplishing the things I want to accomplish in life.

  46. 103
    Marie says:

    I really need a makeover! A number (which shall not be named) of years ago, I entered the workforce and bought a bunch of now-dated clothes all at once. I can’t afford to replace my entire work wardrobe and the 90′s are calling asking for its clothes back!

  47. 104
    Holly says:

    With the first five of our children grown and out of the house, it is time to think about me again. I need to lose 60 pounds, and get some updated clothes. Shopping at Macy’s would be a start.

  48. 105
    Liz M. says:

    I deserve a makeover because I am wearing 10-year-old shoes! If my shoes were people, they would be in the fourth grade!

  49. 106
    nosogirl says:

    i deserve the makeover because i feel like i’m in a rut and don’t know how to get out of it

    julie_reuter92 at yahoo dot com

  50. 107
    angie says:

    I deserve a makeover because I never spend much on clothing due to the fact that I have such a hard time finding anything stylish in my big girl sizes!
    angie´s last blog post ..freshly fallen snow on fence railing