Maddisyn, my little shopper

Man I have a shopper on my hands.  I laugh all the time at Maddisyn but more so no because she constantly wants to go to Walmart for something or another.  Even the other night we were at dinner and we could see the Walmart sign through the restaurant window and she recognized it and said hey there’s Walmart lets go there and buy Dora snacks.  She always has a reason to go which is awesome.  So on Sunday we had some running around to do and I got a sitter for the kids to get it done faster but Maddisyn really wanted to come with me.  Since she is generally helpful I figured what the heck might as well bring her.

So we started our day with dropping Whitley off to the groomer because he was in need of a haircut very badly.  Once he was with the groomer we shopped around our pet store a bit and checked out the animals.  Maddisyn wants a teddy bear hamster, a skinny pig, two ferrets and an alligator (bearded dragon).  I think our house would be quite the zoo if she had her own way.  But for our shopping purposes we left with just a card for Grandma June.

Then we headed off to our hardware store because I was in search of new taps for the bathroom.  I finally decided I wanted a shower in our upstairs but needed new taps, spout and of course a shower head since there previously was none.  The hardware store did not have what we wanted but I did manage to find a wall clock for my kitchen while we were there.  We recently redid our kitchen and I had everything new in there from the appliances to the back splash to the paint to the wall quote but I did not have a kitchen wall clock because I could not find one that matched my new decor enough.

After that we headed to another store where I found the perfect taps for the bathroom and a shower curtain rod which I needed since I had to install the curtain on something.  Then we hit the dollarstore and bought Maddy some new sunglasses, leggings, some kitten food and other odds and ends that she decided we needed while shopping.  This entire time Maddisyn was such a good girl and just went with the flow and did not whine which was amazing.

We had just finished at the dollar store and our groomer called so we went to pick up our beautiful boy and then headed home.  I was exhausted beyond belief from all the running around and yet Maddisyn was still ready to go.  What an insane but good little girl, I love that she likes to shop with me and I look forward to shopping with her for years to come.
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