Maddiysns birth story

I went into the hospital at 8 yesterday morning not sure if they were going to be able to induce me because they were so busy, they did my NST and then my doc came in and said since it was her last day she would be delivering her and that she had to do a c-sec first then would be in to break my water and get things one the road.10:45 they tried to break my water but it was still too high for her to reach and break properly. At 11:15 the nurse came in and started the pitocin and my doc wanted me to have some contractions before she tried to break my water again, so every 30 min they increased the pitocin and i was having some contractions but nothing that was major or painful, the doc came in at 2:10 and was able to break my water this time, they moved me to a birth room about an hr later where i would spend the rest of my time. Around 4:00 the contractions started coming strong but not really regular, i was about 3-4 cm dialated by this time. At 5:00 they told me that i was not having strong enough contractions and so they increased the pitocin more, the nurse checked me i was 4-5 but her head was high and my cervix was just starting to really thing out. At 6:30 the nurse checked me again and i was still only 4-5 but really thin and her head had come down ALOT. This was really discouraging cause the contractions were very painful at this time. Because i was on pitocin the baby had to be on a monitor at all times so they inserted one that clipped onto her head to make it easier to monitor while i moved around. At 7:00 the nurses changed shifts and my new nurse checked me at about 7:30 and said i was still 4-5 CM but that i was thinned right out, i was so upset when she said this and then said she would check me again at 10:00 pm that night to see how i was doing. at 7:45 the urge to push was really strong, they checked me and said i was ready already and they were very surprised, they called the doc in, got the bed ready and the stirrups on the bed, the doc checked me and said not to push cause i was having a strong contraction, by some grace of god i managed not to push that time, the nurse was trying to get the heart monitor off Maddisyns head and my doc got mad and slapped her hand saying the baby was coming to get out of the way. On the next contraction Maddisyn was born with one push only. She was born at 7:54 pm weighing in at 5 lbs 13 ozs and 18 inches long.

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