Maddy was sick … I think

My poor little girl woke up this morning with really bad diarrhea and throwing up.  It has been so crappy here lately and finally yesterday and today it got super warm so I had planned on getting some work done in the morning, napping the babies and then heading out to the park for a few hours with them, now we will be staying home and spending out time changing diapers and running back and forth to the toilet to be sick.  I feel so bad for her she looks terrible, just wants me to watch Kai Lan with her but I have to tend to Holden too so that makes it tough.

I had to put her into diapers we have gone through 5 6 pullups since we woke up 90 minutes ago so I talked to Maddisyn about it and explained that I know she is a big girl but this would be better for her today while she was sick (and laying in my bed, I don’t want any poo blowouts in there).  I just seriously hope this does not revert her potty training because she has been in normal panties all day and wearing Pullups at sleep time just in case she has an accident in her sleep, she wakes up dry 98% of the time so I don’t want to risk the nighttimes yet.

She just called me in there and in a sad little voice asked if she could go to the park, my heart is breaking for this poor kid I hope she naps and when she wakes up feels better.

Ok so I wrote this post at 10:20 am and then instead of publishing it I somehow ended up saving to drafts.  So now it is 9:24 PM and Maddy is sleeping.  She went down today for a nap at one, woke up an hour later and was great.  We even went to the beach tonight and she had fun splashing in the water.  This was the strangest sick ever she had a few poops, threw up a couple of times then was great for the rest of the time.  I don’t question it I am just happy my baby girl is feeling better.

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