Maltesers and Chinese New Year Giveaway Canada Only~ Ended

When I was approached for this campaign I will be honest I was not sure what to write about, they wanted me to eat the maltesers and share a favorite memory it sparked.  When I popped the first ball of malt and chocolate into my mouth I had quite a few memories come back.  Trick or treating at Halloween and getting little packs of Maltesers, putting Maltesers into my kids Easter baskets and watching them eat their very first one but the favorite memory it brought back was my mine and Lee’s first date.  We went to see a movie together and we split up to conquer the concession stand he was to buy the drinks and his snack and I was going to buy the drinks and my snack and we would meet up and share our snacks/treats.  When we met back up and showed each other what we bought we had each bought a bag of Maltesers, and even now 13 years later we still love to share a bag of Maltesers when we get to go to the movies together.

Mars Canada Inc., the makers of Maltesers®, have always celebrated the brand’s association with this annual holiday.

  • Some say that it is because malted milk is a flavour enjoyed in Chinese culture.
  • Others say it is due to the bright red packaging, which symbolizes good fortune and joy.

The Maltesers® brand has been celebrating Chinese New Year with Canadians and chocolate-lovers around the world since 1936.

About Maltesers:

  • Married couples give red envelopes with money to their kids or relatives of their younger generations instead of giving presents.  This money is suppose to bring them great luck and prosperity in the year to come.
    • Maltesers® are chocolate-coated, honeycombed malt biscuit balls and are delicious!  They are fun to eat and the honeycombed malt biscuit balls are coated in milk chocolate and are so light, they actually float on water!
    • The original idea was to deliver the taste of malted milk in a delicious and fun chocolatey ball — simply a great idea.
    • Maltesers® candies have a playful crunch, with a slow chocolaty melt.

    About Chinese New Year:

    • The origin of the Chinese New Year Calendar is deeply rooted in age old traditions, dating from 2600BC when the Emperor Huang Ti introduced the first cycle of the zodiac.
    • Chinese New Year, Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival is the most important of the traditional Chinese holidays. Falling on Thursday February 3, 2011, it is often inaccurately called “Lunar New Year”, because—as part of the lunisolar Chinese calendar—the date is partially determined based on lunar phase. The festival traditionally begins on the first day of the first month (Chinese: 正月; pinyin: zhēng yuè) in the Chinese calendar and ends with Lantern Festival, which is on the 15th day. The Chinese New Year festivities conclude February 18th, 2011.
    • People who celebrate Chinese New Year often say “Kung Hei Fat Choy” which means having a great fortune, or “Kung Hall Sun Hei”, which implies Happy New Year!

    Chinese New Year this year starts on February 3, 2011 and it is the year of the rabbit, do you celebrate the Chinese New Year and participate in all the festivals?  I would love to share some Maltesers with one of my lucky readers whether you celebrate or not they are so delicious that you can eat them without a reason, just watch if you find yourself creeping to the kitchen at night to eat them that means your addicted, not a bad thing, just don’t run out haha.

    ~WIN IT~
    Maltesers is going to give one of my readers the prize package pictured above that is packed with delicious Maltesers

    Thank you to Maltesers for this awesome giveaway.

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    1. Glogirl says:

      Maltesers were not something I had regularly growing up. It would be a special treat to have maltesers. These chocolatey treats would be devoured in no time by myself and siblings.

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    5. 409cope says:

      My favorite Malteser memory is of my sons when they were little eating them in the back seat of the car on the way to out summer vacation.

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    9. Christine says:

      Mom didn’t buy us treats very often when we were growing up. She didn’t like us having a lot of sugar. When we went to visit our Nana, Nana would always have a treat waiting for us or would take us to the store as soon after mom left to get one. My sister and I had a couple of favorites and Maltesers was one of them!

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    13. Francine says:

      Maltesers were a special treat at the movies (which were also a treat) when I was growing up.

    14. Francine says:

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    15. Anne Taylor says:

      My Maltesers memory is one that warms my heart! I remember sitting with my dad, on his corner of the couch with him (which was a Big deal) and me anxiously waiting for him to pass me another!


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    19. Huguette English says:

      I remember wanting to go to the candy store to buy Maltesers.
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    20. Auqakuh says:

      My favourite Maltesers memory is when we were moving into our first house 6 months ago and we had yet to bring any food over so my best friend who lived nearby brought over her favourite candy to help keep us going – that’s right, Maltesers! 🙂

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      Maltesers is the first chocolate my mom gave me. I was 5 y.o then.. 🙂

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      I was trying to sneak a couple from my kids and my daughter busted me.

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      when we were kids the easter bunny used to poop these all around the house lol
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    42. Karen Thaeter says:

      was a treat that i would buy at the movies when i was a child

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    44. J. says:

      My favorite memory was when I would eat this as a child, I would melt them in my mouth.

    45. Francine says:

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      I remember my brother loving Maltesers when we were kids. They were his favorite candy.

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