Merry Christmas

I have a busy few days coming up so there will not be many posts if any at all from me between now and Monday.

Tomorrow we will spend christmas eve at my inlaws with my husbands grandmother who lives in a home but is going to stay with my MIL and FIL christmas night and be there Christmas day.  The kids will open their presents and have their hot chocolate there and play the WII with her.

Christmas day for obvious reasons i will not be posting, we will get up and open gifts here.  Get everyone showered and ready and head to my dad and step mothers for 11 am for gifts and to spend a couple of hours with them.  Then we will head back to my inlaws where the rest of Lee’s family will be gathering to exchange gifts and have christmas dinner, then we will head to my step fathers parents to see my mother and step father and the rest of his family for a couple of hours so we won’t be home until late when we will all fall exhausted into bed.

Then the 26th we will be celebrating Christmas with my mother and stepfather with a turkey dinner and gifts at their house.

Then the 27th we have a family sleigh ride at 3 pm with a potluck to follow at Lee’s aunts home so we won’t be home until later then and I have to spend the morning making scalloped potatos and honey garlic meatballs.

That will bring me to the end of my holidays until New Years when we are busy for a few days again with family including a birthday on the 31st and a work gathering hosted at my home on the 2nd with Lee’s co-workers.

Is anyone else as tired as I am just reading that nevermind living it.  Each year we say we will not do this, we will not run around for days on end trying to be everywhere at once, and every year we do it anyhow.  Oh well my kids are only little once and sooner or later they will grow and will be coming to us while we stay home.

So if anyone needs me please feel free to email me but please also understand why you will not hear much from me, I thought about scheduling some posts to go up and may yet try to but I am so insanely busy I just am trying to find the time.

To my sponsors, please don’t worry all posts will be going up with a vengance once i get back next week.  To my readers hang on because next week we are going to be posting a lot of reviews and giveaways.

Not to worry I will draw for the winners of the Tie buddies as well as the other two contests that end tonight either later tonight or early tomorrow depending on how my gift wrapping goes tonight.



  1. Bethany says:

    Take it easy, tis the season!

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