Mom Spark Media – A great place for bloggers and brands alike

Have you guys heard of Mom Spark Media?  I have had the pleasure of joining some really fantastic blogging communities that have a lot to offer bloggers and readers alike.  Mom spark Media is one of those such communities.  I have only actually worked with them once before but that is not due to lack of opportunities they present to their members it is more schedule constraints.

Mom Spark Media is more then just review and giveaway opportunities though they have a bunch of really greats services to offer both mom blogs and brands alike.  As a member of Mom Spark Media you get exclusive access to their community which was just revamped in December and looks fabulous I want to throw in there.  But on top of the community they also offer classes for new bloggers and veterans alike to learn new tips and tricks and skills that every blogger should have.  There is of course the product reviews and giveaways which I have previously mentioned as well as in home parties, sponsorship programs and so much more.  You really need to check out the mom spark media website to learn about everything instead of me sitting here typing it all out.

To join the online community the charge is $5 per month or $40 for an entire year which is a great deal of savings if you go that route.  That money will give you access to the community I mentioned which contains all that a blogger needs.

Not only do you get the support of Mom Spark Media but the group of people I have met in there are so helpful and always willing to answer questions and give advice.  When I started blogging I had no idea communities like this exist and now I am not sure how I managed to get through without them.  New opportunities are constantly added and there is always something fun going on, check it out this is one community that I will never quit using.

On top of all they offer for a blogger if you are a brand they work beyond hard for you guys, I know I just did the Pop Secret campaign which ran flawlessly and was so fun to participate in.  I am sure that Mom Spark Media works super hard to get you all the exposure you would desire for a campaign to work well.  They offer many different things that are more then just posts from bloggers (although I love that the most).  They host twitter parties, in-home parties, custom brand events, swag bag insertion and so much more.

So in short if you are looking for a fun place to meet new bloggers, connect with great brands and have awesome opportunities then please check out Mom Spark Media.

Although I will receive compensation for writing this promotional posts the thoughts and feelings expressed within are those of my own and in no way influenced.

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