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My kids are very particular on what they will eat with/off/drink out of.  When I was given this opportunity to work with mOmma due to my relationship with Team Mom I was excited but unsure of what my kids would think at the same time.

When our package arrived I was surprised to see just how big around the cups really are, but knew that my kids would love them regardless.  Right away Holden claimed the straw cup to be his and Maddisyn claimed the normal cup which is how I knew it would go because Holden refuses to drink out a traditional sippy cup and will only use the straw ones and Maddisyn does not do the straw cup and for some reason continues to tip it up rather then holding it down so the straw stays in the liquid.

We received the mOmma Sippy Cup valued at $13.25, the mOmma Rocking Cup valued at $12.25, and an awesome wash brush, valued at $8.25, to clean both the cups with this sucker is huge and awesome because it fits in them and gets all the nooks and crannies clean.  We also received mOmma Developmental Meal Set valued at $22.00.  Now that I have told you what I got, let me tell you about it all.

The sippy cup is stage #2 in the mOmma feeding family, stage 1 being a feeding bottle that we did not receive and so I will not review.  If you have already used stage #1 then the second stage is a natural step for your little ones.  Shaped just like the bottle if provides familiarity but adds a stage of growth by introducing a set of handles to help strengthen your little ones grip.  The cup remains upright, eliminating the fears of unhygienic surfaces, should your little one nudge or drop.  The cup is equipped with a non-spill lid to prevent liquids from dripping when carried along to play dates and doctor visits.  This cup is the one that Maddisyn absolutely loves and uses all the time.

The rocking cup is stage #3 in the mOmma feeding family, it is a dual handle cup with a straw instead of a sippy spout.  The best thing I love about this cup is that you don’t need a separate lid you just twist the top of this one and the straw bends down into a special space inside and it is closed up and won’t leak or get dirty.  This also helps your little one to increase motor skills and further strengthens their grip.  The best part of these cups/bottle is that each bottle is interchangeable with the other, so if you have a straw cup and a sippy cup then you can use the bottom on each other so no worries about one being dirty or worse.  The Rocking Cup is Holdens favorite cup and he gets very angry if his sister gets ahold of it.

Last but certainly not least is the mOmma Developmental Meal set which consists of a Feeding Plate designed with non-slip and non-tip base. Two compartments separate foods, promote taste differentiation and develop dipping skills.  Holden uses this occasionally in rotation with his other great plates and dishes that he has received in the past.  It does not slip but Holden still tends to pick it up, dump it out and throw it on the floor like he does with all other plates, apparently big boys don’t need to eat off a plate haha.  It also came with a Soft Spoon and a Soft Fork.  These are the best invention I think ever.  The rolly polly round bottom keeps the utensils upright and off of dirty surfaces, as a mother sometimes our biggest fears can be the germs our kids ingest and well if nothing else they are super adorable.  The spoon is good for babies aged 4m+, the fork is good for little ones aged 6m+.  Maddisyn loves to use the spoon, the fork is hit or miss with her but so are clothes so her opinion doesn’t tend to count much yet haha.  Each utensil comes with it’s own cover making it perfect for tossing into the diaper bag and knowing that it will be clean.

mOmma is a new company to me but has quickly become our favorite for the kids drinking cups.

Thank you to Team Mom and mOmma for these great product to review.

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