MQT’s Kick the Butts Campaign

My friend Stef is an amazing support system for me, I am truly proud to call her my friend and even though we have never met in person I just know that she has the best heart ever.  She is there at my every beck and call when I am freaking out because something is wrong with my blog and now it is my turn to support her and I hope you will join in the cause.

No I don’t do HTML and I can’t design a button, header, background or the like worth a crap but I can be here to support my dear friend in all her good and bad times.  You see Stef from Mommys Quiet Time is going to be a quitter.  No not going to quit blogging, or designing but she is going to quit smoking.  I quit smoking myself two years ago so I do know the struggle she is facing but I have confidence she can do it, with a little support and a lot of confidence in herself she too will be a quitter, she will breathe easier, her kids will breathe easier and life will improve.

Stef has been updating her Kick the Butts Campaign on both her blog and her twitter account.  I am urging all my readers to follow along, tweet it out for her and even join in yourself if you are ready to quit and want an amazing support system behind you.

You can read the posts that Stef has already written on her blog.

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