My living room Makeover is done

I posted a couple weeks ago about doing a living room makeover.  While I finally completed my makeover for my living room, it took time to decide on the finishing touches so it took me time to get this post up but I am finally done and super happy with the finished result.

I painted my walls with paint from Glidden, put up new curtains, put in an area rug from Mohawk rugs and my new shelves from Kirklands.  Then I added some knickknacks I already had and some I bought.  Last we took the little square tank from our frog review we did before, sadly our frogs did not make it, and we put in a red beta to match the room.

Without further ado here are the before and after shots of my living room.  Let me know what you think of it and if you can think of anything to add please feel free to let me know.  I want to get a wall quote for above the xbox kinect camera on the wall but otherwise I think I am done and cannot think of anything else to add.


Before with lime green/grey walls

Before with just grey walls on other side of the room


After with delicious red/tan walls and the rug from Mohawk

After with the tan walls and the shelves from Kirklands

I absolutely love the way this all turned out and I cannot wait to share the giveaways with you for Kirklands and Mohawk, look for those early next week, you won’t be disappointed I promise.


  1. I really liked the bright green of “before”; it made the wall pop. BUT I really like the do-over; it looks much more “grown-up” and the rug is awesome!

  2. The Mom Jen says:

    Looking good!

  3. Elisa says:

    A wall quote for above your x-box you say??!! and where might you get this?? Hint, Hint, wink , wink lol I’ll be watching for the giveaway too 🙂

    • Jessi says:

      I plan on ordering one from you already the one about dancing in the rain just need to find out size and price 🙂 I am excited about my family for my van and you can expect to see that here soon 🙂 I write about a lot of stuff haha

  4. eva says:

    Looks great! :] Great job!

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