My princess is officially 3

My little princess turned 3 yesterday.  I cannot believe she is that old, I still remember the day that I brought her home from the hospital.  I want time to go back and I want my sweet newborn back.

We had family over for cake yesterday to help us celebrate the big day.  She had a ton of fun, got some really great gifts and the most adorable outfits, had cake and was exhausted by the time she was flopped into bed.  Here are some pictures I took of her yesterday, there are not many but some.

Her new scooter we bought her

Modeling her poncho my husbands grandmother knitted her

Blowing out her candles

Exhausted and passed out with her new baby after her busy birthday

After everyone left and Hurricane Maddisyn finished her reign of terror and was sleeping I spent over an hour cleaning.

Next week we will be having her birthday party with all her friends.  We have such a busy schedule going on right now that it was insane and our only chance really.  The only thing is that as soon as her birthday party is over we are packing up and heading out to camp so I hope there is not a huge mess because I don’t want to spend hours cleaning, do you think I can just hire a commercial janitor to come in and like hose down the entire backyard?  That is the one good thing about this is that I know we are outside so it shouldn’t be too hard to clean up all the trash adn if I keep on top of it, it will be even easier.

The kids are going to play in the water, I have a craft for them to make spoon puppets and then we will have pizza and cupcake cake and then send the kids on their way so we can make the one hour trip to camp to relax.  Unfortunately I will not have access to the internet there so you will have to wait for Monday to find out how bad the mess was and how much fun we had haha.


  1. samantha says:

    my sweet little angel turned 3 years old 3 weeks ago…and i hear you! i miss my sweet baby…and wonder where time went, and who this “big boy” is. but i adore him, and i love the boy he is becoming…but i do miss my snuggley newborn!

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