Nancy Drew – Trail of the Twister & Secrets Can Kill

I have always, always, ALWAYS loved Nancy Drew since I was a very young girl.  I can remember reading the books the second that I could get my hands on them I would start reading and would not put them down until I had completely read it.  That is probably where my love of reading has come from.   Unfortunately my books are long gone now, passed onto some other girl whom i know loved them and I hope passed them on to be read elsewhere.  Imagine my surprise when I found Nancy Drew games.  How exciting the books I love to read and imagine that I was the detective on all these exciting cases turned into games I could really play and be the detective.

I started buying and playing the games as soon as I found out and I was quickly addicted to those.  I love the suspense, the adventure, the find, the hunt, the detective work.  I was very pleased when I was accepted into the Trail of the Twister
campaign being put on by Her interactive and the Family Review Network.  I was even more happy when we were told not only would be we be getting the Trail of the Twister game but that we would also be receiving Secrets Can Kill to play as well.

I had a very hard time in my mind waiting for the games to come in and deciding which I was going to play first.  Luckily the choice was taken away when there was a delay in the shipping for the Trail of the Twister game and so I received and played Secrets Can Kill first.

I do not remember playing Secrets Can Kill originally when it was released (I have four kids I don’t remember my name some days so don’t blame me).  But I do know that I went back into my collection to pull it out and compared the graphics in the two and wow the new one the graphics are so much better and the pictures more vivid.  I have read other peoples reviews and they say the storyline has changed some, I guess I am going to have to just play them both through and let you know if it has or not in my mind.  Nancy Drew games are not for people looking for a quick 3 hour play and then you are done, sometimes it can take me 3 hours just to solve one puzzle in the game if I am not having a particularly on the ball day but that is what I love about these games they provide me much needed brain challenges.

Apprehend a Saboteur Stirring up Turbulent Trouble $100,000,000 is at stake in this competition to discover a formula to predict tornado touchdowns. But when equipment starts failing and crew members are injured, playing as Nancy Drew you must join the team to keep them in the competition. Is it just bad luck that’s plaguing the storm chasers or is someone sabotaging their chances of winning in Nancy Drew: Trail of the Twister?

I started playing this one the second I got it and I couldn’t stop for the life of me, my house was a wreck and the kids were hungry, OK I am joking about that part but I really did want to just keep playing it, it was very addictive.  In this game you are playing as Nancy (which you do in all of the games) and you are working at a rundown old farmhouse with a crew of storm chasers.  You need to find out who is sabotaging the equipment and trying to ruin the chances of winning the contest before it is too late.

You have to drive around, take pictures, play cat and mouse, solve puzzles, avoid tornados and many more fun things in this great adventure, can you tell I am trying to tell you a lot about it because I am excited but trying not to give away the fun.  I say you just run out and grab a copy, curl up in your computer chair (couch in my case) and get to playing.  Come back and tell me what you loved about it when you are done, but remember try not to give away too many secrets :).

There are currently 22 games in the HERinteractive library but I do happen to know there is one more coming out next month and can you guess what I will be doing then?  If you have boys no worries because the all too famous boy duo the Hardy Boys also have games for the PC available from HERinteractive that they can play and enjoy.

This post was written for Family Review Network & HERinteractive who provided the complimentary product in exchange for my honest reviwew

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