National Milk Mustache got milk?

I was challenged in this posting to write and tell you how I am a positive role model to my children and also how my mother was a positive role model in my life.  This has been harder then I imagined to write, not so much about my mother I could write about her all day but about myself because I don’t really talk much about myself it is an unspoken doing for the most part but lets give it a go.

My children I know watch me day in and day out to see how I handle situations and what I do and knowing that they are watching me I am more aware of what I am doing right or wrong and even if I do wrong I use it as a lesson to my children to teach them the proper way to handle situations.  I ensure my children know about charities and are willing to give, I teach them the value of hard work and money management skills because I think these are tools that will help them succeed later in life.  I allow my children to make mistakes on their own and allow them to work through them with me to rectify them because if I never allow them to fail I don’t believe they will fully succeed.

My mother helped to shape me as a mother in many ways.  She provided me the same opportunities to succeed/fail I am giving my children.  She also taught me to love unconditionally, I wish I could say she taught me to bake but Betty Crocker she is not, but she did teach me how to cook.  She also taught me how to keep my house clean with four kids running around and even to this day she comes over occasionally to help me deep clean when I am feeling totally overwhelmed.  She has also been someone I could turn to for advice and is the first person I call when I need something, someone to talk to or to bounce ideas off for the kids.  I know that no matter what my mother will be there for me and while we may not always get along we will always love each other and I will know she will always be there just as my kids know I will always be there for them.

Milk is an important staple in my house.  We go through a jug of it in about 2 days or less depending on how many kids are home.  The kids eat their cereal or oatmeal with it.  They have a glass in the morning as well.  Holden drinks it in his bottles at bedtime and nap time and randomly throughout the day and given the choice Maddy would take milk over juice most times.  On top of drinking it I do use it in our cooking quite a bit and even substitute it for water when I am baking as much as possible.  Without milk I am pretty sure my family would be thirsty and my desserts would be dry haha.

You really need to check out the Milk Mustache Campaign and please “like” them on Facebook.  You can go to their interactive facebook page and create a picture of you with a milk mustache, watch the video about moms and even send out a postcard to someone you love.  Be sure to check out the recipes from Why Milk? as well because there is some yummy looking stuff in there I am sure my family will love and yours would too.

“I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of the National Milk Mustache got milk? Campaign and received a promotional item to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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