National Napping Day & Protect-A-Bed Giveaway

I have some very exciting news to share with you all, today is National Napping Day.  I won’t be able to nap today because I am at the Home & Housewares show in Chicago and napping is not on my schedule haha.  But you all can take a nap for me and tell me how much you loved it.

Why am I writing about napping to you all if I can’t even do it you ask?  The answer is simple and comes in two parts.  First is that you can nap and I think that is great.  Second is that today only because of National Napping Day Protect-A-Bed will be hosting a Twitter contest where they will be giving away sets of Premium Pillow Protectors to those who share the funniest place they’ve ever taken a nap.  To enter, follow @protect_a_bed on twitter and use the hashtag #nappingday to share your funniest or strangest nap location.

  • Protect-A-Bed® manufactures state-of-the-art mattress and pillow protectors that provide protection from dust mites, incontinence and bed bugs.
  • All Protect-A-Bed® products extend the life of your mattress and greatly reduce the time and costs involved in early mattress replacement.
  • Protect-A-Bed® is renowned worldwide as the developer of the first ultra thin mattress protector.
  • Protect-A-Bed offers consumers a complete line of protective bedding products to create a Healthy Sleep Zone. The unique technology featured in Protect-A-Bed’s mattress and pillow protectors was developed in South Africa in 1980 before the company was officially established in the United States in 2000. Now selling in 27 countries, Protect-A-Bed is a worldwide leader in mattress protection innovation. The company developed the proprietary Miracle Membrane® and patented Bug Lock® and Secure Seal®, which help create a dry, bed bug free, anti-allergy sleep zone for people of all ages. Protect-A-Bed products are listed as a Class 1 Medical Device with the Food and Drug Administration and have received the Good Housekeeping Seal. For more information, visit

    Research shows 10 percent of the general public and as many as 90 percent of people with allergic asthma (depending on the study you read) have an allergy to dust mites. And, dust mites love spoiling our napping refuge, taking up residence in mattresses and pillows. In fact, as many as two million dust mites can thrive in an unprotected mattress.

    Besides dust mites, it’s not unusual for other allergy triggers like pollen and pet dander to become trapped within mattresses. By using a mattress protector, allergy sufferers can create an impermeable barrier between themselves and the allergens within their bed. By coupling mattress protection with pillow protectors that seal allergens within pillows, people can create a virtually allergy-free nap space.

    I bet your wondering why I am telling you all about Protect-A-Bed Mattress covers right.  Well that answer is simply I am giving away one to one lucky reader as well as receiving one myself for telling you all about the National Napping Day.

    ~WIN IT~
    Protect-A-Bed is going to give one of my readers a Queen Sized Premium Mattress Cover valued at $79.99.

    ~TO ENTER~
    Post your funny napping story here so I can read it too.

    Please make sure to leave seperate entries for each thing, if it says you get 5 entries please leave 5 comments.

    • Participate in the Protect-A-Bed Twitter Contest by posting your funny stories and following @Protect_A_Bed using hashtag #nappingday {2 Entries}
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    This giveaway is open US ONLY.
    Ends March 29, 2010 @ 11:59 PM EST
    (Winners will have 24 hours to respond to my email before I choose a new winner)

    Thank you to Protect-A-Bed for this awesome giveaway.

    I Disclose


    1. jennifer says:

      I would have to say that my husband falls asleep so easily and hard, that more than a few times, he has fallen asleep on the couch and fallen to the floor without ever waking up!
      .-= jennifer´s last blog ..She caught her first Catfish! =-.

    2. jennifer says:

      I follow you via google friend connect!

    3. jennifer says:

      I subscribe to jabbering jessie via e-mail!
      .-= jennifer´s last blog ..She caught her first Catfish! =-.

    4. nan lara says:

      i once took a nap and woke up in a panic thinking it was the next day…but it was really only real late that night…i freaked i thought i was gonna be late for work…then by the time i realized it wasn’t the next day…i couldn’t sleep cause my heart was racing

    5. nan lara says:

      gfc follower

    6. nan lara says:

      e-mail subscriber

    7. Marci says:

      We had just finished eating turkey dinner for Thanksgiving. We all went to the family room afterwards. About an hour later we all started wondering where my then 8yo daughter was. We found her curled up under the dinner table sound asleep! LOL!

    8. Marci says:

      Email Subscriber!

    9. Marci says:

      Blog Follower!

    10. Erica says:

      Yesterday, I was so excited to have my husband come home from work. I spent all day cleaning the house and preparing a special dinner. By the time he got home, I was passed out on the couch-exhausted from working all day!

    11. Erica says:

      I’m an email subscriber.

    12. Elizabeth says:

      I am one of those who cannot nap. But once my son (who was about three at the time) fell asleep standing up, he was just slouched over on the bed. It was hillarious.

    13. Elizabeth says:

      I subscribe.

    14. Elizabeth says:
    15. Andrea Paetkau says:

      I normally can’t sleep anywhere but in bed but a few years ago while in Beijing, China, I was driving down a mountain full of potholes in a rickety old bus. While everyone bounced around the bus holding on for dear life, I slept the ride away!
      andreapaetkau at gmail dot com

    16. Andrea Paetkau says:

      I entered the Protect-A-Bed Twitter Contest! #1
      andreapaetkau at gmail dot com

    17. Andrea Paetkau says:

      I entered the Protect-A-Bed Twitter Contest! #2
      andreapaetkau at gmail dot com

    18. Andrea Paetkau says:

      I follow you via google friend!
      andreapaetkau at gmail dot com

    19. Andrea Paetkau says:

      I’m an email subscriber!
      andreapaetkau at gmail dot com

    20. Andrea Paetkau says:

      I follow you on twitter and tweeted!
      andreapaetkau at gmail dot com

    21. Melanie says:

      Well, it’s not too funny, but I just layed down on the couch for a bit today while my 2 little guys were coloring………I didn’t know that they were coloring each other, NOT their coloring books!!! That 5 minute rest turned into a disaster!!!

    22. Melanie says:

      I follow with Google Friend.

    23. Melanie says:

      Email subscriber.

    24. Elizabeth says:
    25. Andrea Paetkau says:
    26. Hannah says:

      Well once I fell asleep and my sister kept talking to me and asked if I was asleep and I replied “of course I am not, I wouldn’t be answering you if i was”. I was asleep don’t remember a thing!

    27. sandy says:

      I fall asleep easily when tired too, and have been known to fall asleep at theatres, etc but the funniest was when we went to an amusement park and were in there early, and first thing hit the roller coaster type ride, and since the we were in the early crowd there was not a long wait so they doubled the first ride. Sitting in- well hanging in the first row was beyond sickening and I looked like a drunk afterward, and decided if i did not close my eyes I was going to ruin it for the rest- I found a bench with alot of shade and told the rest come back for me in an hour, and well I was going to just sit and gt my balance back, and instead fell asleep, and took off my shoes and all without realizing- luckily there was a cart vendor making sure I was alright but seriously i am more apt now to walk the mile across the park or two and nap in the car.

    28. valerie mabrey says:

      I love to nap in the car except for the dream where you go to fall!

    29. Jaque says:

      I fell asleep on a cross country flight…when I awoke I had my head on my seat partner’s shoulder and my arm flung around him! I was mortified, but he simply smiled sweetly.

      Thank you. 🙂

    30. Diane Baum says:

      follower and fall asleep any place person

    31. Stephanie V. says:

      while in college “napped” during my anthro lecture. Over 500 students so figured the prof wouldn’t notice. (I was exhausted because had worked late the night before.) Prof shouted at me through the mic and everyone stared at me. yikes.
      tvollowitz at aol dot com

    32. Tari L. says:

      Many years ago, I took a friend of mine to visit family 4 hours away. That evening we decided to hit the night clubs with my older sister. I was still tired from the trip, actually I was exhausted and knew I was not going to make it through the night without a nap. I asked my sister and friend to keep an eye on me and I layed down on a bench at the club and took a nap for about 20 minutes. They couldn’t believe I could sleep with all that noise, but sleep I did and I woke up refreshed and we partied till late in the night :).

    33. R Hicks says:

      My most recent funny sleeping story happened the other day. I was very tired and took a nap and then my kitties decided to romp and play. They chose me as their object of play!

    34. R Hicks says:

      follow you on twitter and tweeted

    35. Messy Mommy says:

      If only words could describe it.
      .-= Messy Mommy´s last blog ..fear of sids =-.

    36. EMMA L HORTON says:


    37. Andrea Paetkau says:
    38. DEBBIE STANTON says:

      funniest place I’ve napped is at the Ice Cream Parlor at DisneyLand… it was high school grad night and we were there ALL night and I was sooooo tired that i laid my head on a table and slept until it was time to load the bus.


    39. DEBBIE STANTON says:

      i follow with GFC.


    40. DEBBIE STANTON says:

      i subscribe by email


    41. Denise B. says:

      Sometimes, after my husband gets home from work, I take a nap in our bed. While I’m sleeping, our son likes to climb up and jump on me. Sometimes, I’ll open my eyes to find one of our two laying there staring back at me.

    42. chrissyb says:

      as a new mommy my cats have been starved for attention. I put the baby to sleep and took a nap as well. When I woke up I felt something warm on both sides of my face. Both of my cats decided to nap with me and used my pillow as well. I had a fuffy cat on each cheek!

    43. chrissyb says:

      google follower

    44. chrissyb says:

      e-mail subscriber

    45. Elizabeth says:
    46. Suzanne K says:

      I guess my funny napping story involves my cat. I must ‘assume the correct position’ in order for her to let me nap! She wants me on my side, with my knees bent to form a hammock with the blanket so she can join me in ‘our’ nap! If I’m not in the right spot, she’ll bug me/walk on me/talk to me until I fix it!

    47. Monique Rizzo says:

      I love to nap in the car at lunch. Thanks for the chance.

    48. dj says:

      sign me up

    49. Karen Pochodowicz says:

      I’m sorry but I really don’t have a funny napping story. I can’t nap I am an insomniac. I guess the best story I have was sleeping in the airport in Thailand but it really wasn’t funny.


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